Girls choking and gagging on your big penis

Question : do you like when girls choke and gag on your big dick ? How about spit ? Do you wish you were smaller and could facefuck a bit more ? Do you let

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Girls choking and gagging on your big penis

Question : do you like when girls choke and gag on your big dick ? How about spit ? Do you wish you were smaller and could facefuck a bit more ? Do you let girls decide the rythm or do you prefer pushing your big hard meat down her throat ?

Noises the girls make, tears in their eyes as they try to take more, even puke stories. Tell us what you like about girls sucking your big banana.
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Ha! I like porn like that, but I doubt that most women like to have that done to them.

I don't have to do nothin but stay black and die.
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most normal (normal meaning girls that arnt porn stars.. lol) do not like to be force fed a dick.. get used to that, cause its the truth, of 30 or so girls that have sucked my dick, only about 5 of them were even up for trying deepthroat, and as soon as i felt my dick touch the back of their throat and hear them gag they stop and they are done with it and they just wana fuck.. girls are only doin that in porn cause they are getting paid,, i think its disgusting and revolting hearing those noises of her choking and gagging and seeing spit and shit running all own the girls face like a sloppy hoe, very unattractive
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I don't like the sound of people choking or gagging on anything. It sounds as if they're either drowning or about to die half of the time. If someone has consciously decided to give me head, I don't want them to feel as if they have to enganger themselves just to please me. We all want that talented deapthroater, however, if that's not your forté then try using your hand as well. Still gets the job done if done properly. ;)
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I've only had one experience where the girl i was with tried to take more than she was able to take. she was not exactly sober and all there in the head if you ask me, but she went at me like she was on a mission. gave oral fast and took as much as she could and did gag a few times doing it. first gag experience for me and it was pretty wierd seeing it.
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No choking or gagging... that is a no no. Now a mouth stuffed to capacity is an incredible hot thing. When I was younger before I pumped, I would get girls tears rolling often during blowjobs. I even had one girl tell me, See, those tears are 'cause I love you so much!" I nearly rolled off of the waterbed after I heard that... I'll never forget it... what a line of bullshit! lol!! She was tryin' to play me anyways.

I just face fucked last night (I am getting laid a lot these days... I have lost a little poundage recently). The woman has a great deepthroat ability and doesn't gag much at all. She sat on the sofa and I got on it and stood up on the cushions with my knees bent fucking her face... she was sooooo horny and was greedily sucking my cock with a DELICIOUS fervor. I would take it out and rub it across her chin and lips and then jab it back in her mouth (she has a BIG mouth! :) I asked her when her mouth was full if she wanted me to fuck her pussy... and she replied like a hostage with duct tape over her mouth... MMRRPPMMPHHH and a slight nod... absolutely no gagging.

I would feel like such an ass if they ever gagged on my cock. Most can't even get it in their mouths very far, so gagging is not a problem. If they breath through their nose, they won't choke, so I dunno...
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