John Cena

Rumor is he has a TINY Cock.let me go find the pic

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Rumor is he has a TINY Cock.let me go find the pic

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absolutely love this photo.

to much juice shrinks the dink.................
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Old 06-13-2008   #33 (permalink)

He's quite good looking and I'd gladly put him on his back and fuck the cum out of him.

I've found that lube, time and the lust of the receiver make almost anything possible.

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Anyone have nude pics of him?

In this YouTube video, he's walking around in a thong and admits that he loves to be naked. Can't tell big he is, the package is nice, but could be all balls *grin*
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Running a search on "cena", I found about 60 hits on threads that mention him, and in particular there was:

I can't remember if there are any nudes, but I do remember a lot of great pics in them.

Sure, now that I'm bending over, I've got your attention. Where were you 5 mins ago, when I was being brilliant?

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I love John Cena. And thats hot he likes to walk around naked, mmmmm.
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ew .....
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I'll bet he would be a excellent fuck.......worth it just to bury ones face in that ass.
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with that ass, I would pay him to take that thong off and squat naked over my face while I got to work

"Privacy is my middle name, my last name is control..."
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Originally Posted by novice_btm View Post
Running a search on "cena"
Thanks novice_btm. I did a search before posting and nothing came up. I thought it was a little strange with so many previous posts. I didn't mean to create a duplicate thread.

And yeah, he is the perfect man, if only he was into dudes. ;)
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Beautiful f-ing tits!
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He reminds me of Marky Mark a lil back in the day....
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I wish he would sit on my face, squirm all around, and DEMAND that I EAT HIS ASS!:tongu e:
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Pretty disturbing... I've been a wrestling fan since I was 4 (30 years now)...Been watching Cena make tasteless gay jokes about people since he debuted and that takes away any chance that he could be slightly attractive.
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his cock hangs thick.....mushroom head....not big balls......never saw hard. a friend of mine is his bodyguard.
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cena, john, wrestler, wwe

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