Foreskin overhang..

Hi all.. just want to ask about this.. Even when my penis is soft or erect, I have an overhang of about a half inch. When soft it is no bother, can pull back to

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Foreskin overhang..

Hi all.. just want to ask about this..

Even when my penis is soft or erect, I have an overhang of about a half inch. When soft it is no bother, can pull back to clean. But it doesnt pull back when erect, you cant really see the eye.

Sex can be painfull, and cant do it without a rubber. Hey, I might want to have kids! so not ideal.

I looked at circ but at my age I heard its agony and wondering if there is another method. Been too embaressed to go to doc. No idea why it wasnt spotted as a kid.

Maybe my years of w*nking assways caused it lol..

any ideas appeicated. cheers
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try cream and gentle stretching when it is soft
only get cut as a last resort.
you can get cut if you like it is not bad and your glans or head will get more sensitive at least for a while.
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This is a fairly common problem. I forget the stats, but a few percent of men have this problem, usually around puberty, but then they discover wanking and off they go. It sounds like it will take more work for you - but it can still be part of foreskin play.

There are several threads about this on LPSG, but the distillation is that you don't need a circumcision. It is possible to expand the foreskin yourself over time. All you have to do is apply moderate tension on a frequent basis. Put your fingers in there and stretch it manually. This is kind of frowned upon in public so another idea is to wear something in the opening as you go about your day. Almost anything will work, but it's probably a good idea to use something that is easy to keep clean. Some kind of flexible tubing works well. Then as your foreskin opening gets bigger, increase the size of the insert. It's how some people increase the size of their earlobes. The skin system of the penis is much more elastic, but you still have to keep after it. In the end you'll be much happier with the result than if you got cut.

Also see Yknarfy's gallery for more ideas:

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yeah...i had the same problem.
couldent use condoms,
hurt to have sex.

You just gotta strech it over time and it will be easier to pull back and youll have no probs.

Try when its soft in the hot shower. It will take time but you'll pull through.
(pardon the pun =P)
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Thanks mate. I know Im ok in the shower when its soapy enough. I will need to look into the tube thing and give that a bash, I have a new girlfriend and she is great and has no problems with it as we do manage to have sex, but I have issues with her seeing me naked. She says its not bad, but I think she just being nice. I dont fancy a circ and wanted to explore other avenues.

So cheers to all who replied.
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A good thread to read is: http://www.lpsg.org/49294-tight-fore...-advice-please

I'm referring you to that because the question is asked rather often.

For an infant or child, "Murphy's Law" should apply to any surgery: If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
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foreskin, overhang

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