where and how do you show off your cock in public??

Originally Posted by bbimgo i show off my cock in public buses . i wear a long t shirt and unzip my pants. i let my cock hang out fully showing the penis, balls and

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Originally Posted by bbimgo View Post
i show off my cock in public buses . i wear a long t shirt and unzip my pants. i let my cock hang out fully showing the penis, balls and all. then i lift off my t shirt when a beautiful girl sits near. i love it when they see my cock and get stunned for some time. they mostly like it and make jokes of my cock and they also tell their friends to see it. they giggle at it all the while. it is great fun. but i also make sure that i do not harass them if they do not like my gesture. This is just a sad and creepy thing to do.
There, fixed that for you.


How does one measure hapenis?

Time for a reality check? How about reality in porn?
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[QUOTE=ItalianStallion10;2213798]On our latest camping trip... QUOTE]

You enjoy exposing yourself to children?

OMG what is it with all these fucked-up creeps?
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How does one measure hapenis?

Time for a reality check? How about reality in porn?

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D_Jared Padalicki
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Originally Posted by Mule View Post
You enjoy exposing yourself to children?

OMG what is with all these fucked-up creeps?
Indeed, very sick idea behind it all
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this sickens me


When I saw death on a road, I saw my face in his. My thoughts resembled locomotives straining out of fog and into fog. Suddenly I felt akin to lightning, or a message scratched in dust.

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I appologize, I guess it did sound a little creepy.
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Originally Posted by ItalianStallion10 View Post
I appologize, I guess it did sound a little creepy.
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i flash my mother inlaw all the time she would come over in her car and i would go outside with my boxers on and take out my dick head out and talk to her and she was all ways looking down. so one day she came over to pickup some thing and when i was going out side i stop and pulled out my dick and balls and walked up to the car and u should have see her face so everytime i go around her i jackoff when she is not looking but in the same room but she a hir me doing it and she likes it i think
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Originally Posted by Wrist_thick10 View Post
I will say this, flashing isn't for everyone. I'm sure some women don't appreciate being flashed by some slob with a small dick. My ex came home one day and she couldn't stop laughing. She told me that she had been flashed by some guy with a really small dick.
I think most women would like to see some dick if it is not of the "in your face" kind of flashing.

I was visiting friends on a hot summer day and wearing shorts with wide legs. My hostess was sitting where she had no view but walked past the front of me when she got up to go to bed. After passing she realised that there was something to be seen inside my shorts. She suddenly had a new topic to talk about and walked back to stand directly in front of me. She stayed there chatting for about 5 minutes before continuing off to bed.

I figured that she could only see part of my dick and one ball but she wanted to make the most of what she could see. I did not let on that I knew she was peeking but gave her a better view the following evening.

Recently a friend visited my home. He was with me for about 15 minutes. When he left my wife and daughter were laughing. They said that he had his fly open and no underwear on. I had not even noticed but both women had.
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My cock is easily seen in just about anything I wear anyways,
Jeans, suit, swimwear, etc.
I suggest the nude beaches myself.

I have enjoyed going to the public beach though with a girlfriend from AFF ( adult friend finder) and she wears a very revealing thong bikini and I wear a male thong that barely covers my cock when flaccid.
It is white and when wet clearly showes my cock as she cut out the panel that helps hide it when wet.
She did the same and when wet you can se her trimmed bush easily and her nipples and areola's.
You can see her "landing strip" of a bush...

She loves to watch the people watching me and I like to watch the guys looking at her.
I usually hang around 7 inches when flaccid and she loves the look of my thick flaccid cock moving around and the way other women look at it.
I have even been teased and dared by her to the point of being totally erect and walk into or out of the water past a group of women or even just a single woman, as she watches their reaction's to my hard 11 inches of cock pressed and swaying and clearly able to be seen that I am erect now....
You can even see it's veins, and my head and balls, and dark blonde pubes when wet,.
She even tells me about the guys that look at it.

I do the same to her and we have even filmed peoples reactions to what they see as the other walks by.
Sometimes we go in together and pretend to be oblivious about what they can see and just ignore the looks.
when it gets to crowded we just move on...
In moments the white suits dry up and are not as see thru, But you can still see more of us then the normal suits show.
She even dared me to to do it with her in front of her own sister and mom once.
Doing it also in just our underwear and so it gets wet and you can see it All.
The look on her moms face the first time when wet and she seen the size of my cock was fantastic!

Just something we did and have done for fun.
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i go camando with lose shorts. my ex used to say i should not go camando it was to much of bulge. but she like to reach up the leg and play with it and pull it out.
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there's a time & place for everything - some places all things not appropriate!
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I get completely naked in a porno theater and sit in the back row jacking it
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D_Jesworth Jawbreaker

I would love to see a guy who is hung showing off in public where I can observe his long cock...even better if this would take place in a secluded park or something where there is only the two of us...
it doesn't even have to be his dick...maybe just a preview...you know...his bulge or something...
damn already the thought of that got me hard
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I've come across two public washrooms that allow a good public viewing. Finding these is helpful.

I also recommend finding any public pools cleaned by women. The pool in my building is cleaned by a woman, and she regularly enters the men's changing room. We both enjoy me knowing her cleaning schedule.
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Originally Posted by uncutoakland View Post
there's a time & place for everything - some places all things not appropriate!
Very true, and if you don't know that you run the risk of a visit from the police.

cock , public

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