Semen as a Face Cream?

Is this healthy? I have done this before and have a strange afterglow sensation

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Semen as a Face Cream?

Is this healthy? I have done this before and have a strange afterglow sensation
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your or someone else's semen? curious.
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lol I never thought the term "facial" was taken so literally.
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Apparently semen tightens the skin, so it's good against wrinkles. That's why, or so it's said, Mae West would invite whole football teams to "come up and see me some time".
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Apparently it works for some but not for others

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That... is... so... rough!

"Blah, blah, blah, go blow it out your arse!"

So I'm having an introspective ramble.
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Semen Oil! XD

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The tingling sensation is likely due to the fact cum contains live semen swimming about looking for an egg to fertilize. After I've given head I swear I can feel the little buggers dancing around my tastebuds.

I've never tried it as a face cream but I can see how it might work as a cleanser. The swimming/penetration action that sperm exhibit could dig into the pores loosening dirt or other impurities. I would suggest if you're going to use it this way that you wash it off before it dries as dried sperm will clog your pores just as badly as any other caked on substance would.

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I use Noxzema cleansing cream as shaving cream and face cleanser. It works for me.

Cum as a face cream is really raunchy. How bukkakesque. Very Joe Gage. Ugh!!!

Will use Noxzema over cum any time.

"All persons, living and dead, are purely coincidental."

--Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.--

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Your face would probably smell like the worst fishmarket!
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Speaking of cream, I was wondering about the KY jelly, I didn't find any detailed reviews of it, what do you people think of it, an enhancer, and warming?
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