Celebrity Sex Tapes

Hey guys I am trying to collect all of the Celeb Sex Tapes I can so I can assemble them all in a big Torrent. Just decided to do this tonight so far I have:

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Celebrity Sex Tapes

Hey guys I am trying to collect all of the Celeb Sex Tapes I can so I can assemble them all in a big Torrent. Just decided to do this tonight so far I have:
Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee
Kim Kardashian and Ray J
Dustin Diamond
Rob Lowe

If anyone has or knows where I can get anymore either in torrents or uploaded to megaupload or sendspace please let me know...I will keep all of you updated.
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Email Unconfirmed

Sounds like a good idea. Let us know how it goes. I don't personally have any but here's a link to a list of some of the tapes out there: Celebrity sex tape - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hope that helps.
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B_The Greek Dude

lol Get the Paris Hilton one.

::runs away::
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Did anyone see the Kelsey Grammer video?
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Have seen them all.

Here's a quick rundown.

Number 1 I am a size queen so keep that in mind.

Pam and Tommy Lee-good, nice cum shot.

Pam and Brett 1-Okay short, Brett looks good.
Pam and Brett 2-Poor Video Quality-crazy sex.

Vince Neil-worth it to see Vince when he was hot and to see his average cock-nice bush and beautiful dick

Fred Durst-woth it to see Fred's monster meat-it's long and curves a little.

Colin Farrell-hot video, only one segment has a full close up of Colin's body-his massive dick also curves.

1 Night in Paris-Rick Solomon is hung and hot

1 Night in China-do not even view it-seeing China's man is somewhat sexy but seeing these two have sex just about made me puke!!!

Rob Lowe's Video-poor quality but Rob's meat is impressive and very much so...

Jimi Hendrix-wow-what a sexy big dick legend

Ray J & Kim Kardashian-Ray J is so sexy and hung like a horse

Leon Isaac Kennedy-I am a huge fan of Penitentiary I & II-was worth it to see his average but sexy body and cock

Screeched-with the exception of Tommy Lee, Dustian Diamond is the most hung celebrity sex tape star-Cute bath scene in the beginning...

Evan Seinfeld-tons of movies with Teravision and Vivid-average cock but he's hot and does really good cum shots
"Tera Tera Tera" - really good exposure of Evan's meat.

Seymore Butts-tons of movies Average penis-cums alot
"Jamaican Me Horny" real up close and personal.

Pete Burns-did not like at all-he looks like a woman but has a huge hung dick-he looks old down there also-not sexy to me.
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There we have it...
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D_Percival Puddleford Pukehorn
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i wonder if rob lowe's will now be available officially on DVD after all the hoopla with the babysitters. I'd buy it.
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a deffo must have :

uk model KEELEY HAZELL. limewire it.

actually just type in 'celebrity sextapes' on limewire. theres loads there ;)
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Where is Collin Farells??????????
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If anyone's got any of these vids it'd be great if they were uploaded :-P

Would love to see Rob Lowe and Fred Durst...
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the Fred Durst tape sucks...its just, for the most part, a stationary shot of his cock fucking her. He flashes his face once and then back to her. There is a blow-job @ the end but you can't really see anything bc the camera is pretty bad!
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im still looking for rob lowe and kelsey grammer...not together of course.
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The Kim Kardashian one is hot, both are hot, and he is huge.
Tommy lee has a pencil dick, but Pamela is hot
Colin Ferrell is F ing hot
Dustin Diamond is an idiot and ugly as hell, who would want to watch him having sex?
Fred Durst is hot, but average penis I would argue.

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Anyone know where I can find these? I am dying to see.
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