Large Penis Problems

I started to think about this when I reflected on the site's title - Large Penis Support Group. What are some problems that your large penis has caused you? Most of the people on this

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D_Biggo Mortensen
Large Penis Problems

I started to think about this when I reflected on the site's title - Large Penis Support Group. What are some problems that your large penis has caused you? Most of the people on this site have a good inch and a half on me so I'm sure you will have experienced things that I have not.
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B_Mademoiselle Rouge

I'll get my hubby to sign in on his name and answer this one for you. I think it would mean more to hear it from the man himself.

Life is a highway....well you know the rest.
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When I get up with morning wood I have to bend over at the waist when I open the bedroom door or I'll poke a hole in it.
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Lots of folks wish they were bigger (or even down right massive), but there are two sides to that coin. I can think of a few times that it's been inconvenient at best.

The first trouble I can ever remember having was finding a condom that fits. I've heard a number of people argue that you can stretch a standard size condom over your entire head, so that means it should fit any size penis... but that doesn't mean it's going to be comfy! Not to mention, there is a big difference between strapping something onto your skull vs your most sensitive (and extremely vascular) member.

Once you get past that whole ordeal, there are plenty of other challenges to being girthy. You have to be a whole lot more patient getting things started, or it's easy to really hurt someone. That kind of experience doesn't exactly encourage frequent lovin'! And once you get things started, you have to be more selective in the positions you choose. When you're a big guy, there's no cirque de soleil stuff going on without a whole lot of practice and working up to things. I can think of a couple of times that MR and I have said "we could do this if it were just a little smaller."

Red's Hubby
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cervix pokin', man. with my last girlfriend, whenever we did it facing each other, i wouldnt fit all the way. that's bad news because my pubic bone never got to push against her clit. it's something you don't think about til it's out of the picture. way less pleasurable for her. had to work around it.
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hitting the end is totally a problem. I also find it to be one of the most shocking things to sit down at a toilet and dip stick into the cold. It is also unbelievably hard to try and go to the bathroom when erect, I have to squat above the toilet and push it down hard to point down, then pissing is like squeasing a penny out. condoms were difficult when younger but once you figure out what works it isn't a problem any more. Buying clothing/ underwear can be odd. I find if the leg in my boxers isnt long enough its awkward, pants with to loose a waist can lead to dick sticking out, to tight and moving your leg gets awkward if you kinda hard. yadda yadda

P.s. we got dicks like jesus.

height 6'3'' weight 145lbs
Soft: 17cm Hard: 24x16cm
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i agree with the condom thing. it can be really embarrasing too. its awful when they split!
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bigrick1970 is offline

I agree; it's very hard to pee with a hard on; I also have to sit down to pee when I am hard then it skims the water so when I am hard and have to pee I sit and lean to one side and hold it downwards so I don't hit the water. If I stand when peeing and I am hard it tends to really spray all over the place; when I was younger (before I was married) and used a condom reular size would not fit, I had to have the XL size. And sometimes I get told I go too deep and bottom out inside my wife.

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I have been doing penis enlarging exercises for about three years now, and I have been recently complaining about feeling teeth when I get sucked. It really wasn't a problem before, but now I gained an inch in girth and I feel more teeth more often, from regular lovers (who didn't have a problem before sucking me). I love to fuck face, but now it's hard to find someone who will let me do it until I cum.

No big problems, other than what others have mentioned, like sitting on the toilet and dipping into the water. Also, after peeing, I have to shake and squeeze all the urine out thoroughly or else I lose a few drops in my pants. I suppose my ureter is longer and a few shakes isn't sufficient to rid of all the pee.

I measure 7x5.5 soft and 8x6.5 erect. A real shower, not much of a grower.
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bc4uintp is offline

Hi, indeed there are problems, but some are more maybe of an inconvenience than a problem? It's like being too tall or too short...

My complaint list, in not particular order.

1. Penis touches inside the toilet when I sit. Or worse in the water.
2. Cervix hitting while having sex. Cannot fit all the way inside in certain positions.
3. Cannot get a great blow job as it won't fit all the way in her mouth.
4. Have to pull down pants to use a urinal, can't just unzip the fly and whip it out to pee.
5. Cannot find any sex toys that fit me or that are long enough.
6. Penis always not very comfortable in underwear, I like mine in the middle, not to the side, it's impossible. Boxers just don't feel comfortable.
7. condoms
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I go with most of the above.

But the overriding issue for me has to be general discomfort much of the time. I need undergear that supports me otherwise I very quickly get a bad ache in the groin. At the same time I need extra room in the crotch area otherwise I get a different sort of pain.

My solution (custom made jockstraps) works pretty well but it can feel uncomfortable especially when the hot weather comes as now.


There are occasions when certain activities can be hampered by being over-endowed. Cycling is one for me .. see this very ancient thread: http://www.lpsg.org/15573-saddle-sore.html

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Additionally, sitting too long is not very comfortable sometimes.

And Max, I agree, certain activities will be more uncomfortable.
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what about this? when you have to sit on the john, you have to hold your cock up so it won't dangle in the toilet water.
you can't wear jockey shorts because there is never enough room .
you can't wear a short pair of swim trunks for the same reason...
you can't find anyone to not bite when blowing you much less even think of getting it to your nuts against her/his chin.
Or even worst, their mouths are too small to get it in without giving them a case of lockjaw
or you can't fuck all out because you either will hurt her, or rip his asshole?
Okay there are a few good reasons for not having a cock thicker than 7 1/2 inches and actually don't matter how long in that case, but for the matter 10 inches long.
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Alright, for me, there's the dreaded toilet dunk (especially if it's a public bathroom). Condoms were tricky until I found out what works for me.

I still have to put them on myself. Letting my partners do so has nearly led to injury. Injury? Well once I was dating a really small girl and I started to bleed (I'm uncut and the tiny bit of skin, the frenulum I think, tore...long story short: I'm girthy, she was 5'1", we'd been drinking and I didn't use lube). Luckily, I was wearing a condom, so I didn't actually bleed inside of her, which would have been bad, but it bled *a lot* and we couldn't have sex while it healed.

I have yet to receive a decent bj without any painful tooth action. Don't get me wrong, I've received some no-tooth head, but it was only licking or sucking a little bit of it, which doesn't qualify as "decent" for me.

I also have only been able to put the whole thing inside one gf so far, which makes those "vibrating rings" that seem to be all the rage these days basically useless. Tried one, but I had to rest it midway down my shaft in order for it to have any hope of touching her. It didn't really do anything for either of us. Basically the same problem as the "pubic bone on clitoris" impossibility that 32745 described.

When I cum, sometimes I can't control how deep I'm going and I've hurt a few people, which isn't all that fun.

Finally, especially when I'm first becoming intimate with someone, we can't do it that often (once every 3-4 days) or she will get sore. This is fanfuckingtastic because when you're first becoming intimate is usually when you want to do it most often.

That said, the pros far outweigh the cons for me.
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D_Garmanswait Glassnads

I've got to ask something, How high is the water in American toilets because in the UK you'd need a foot long soft penis to dip in the water?

I hate that I have to fold mine sometimes to get it past the toilet seat, I hate the thought of it touching the toilet especially in public toilets. Ewwww, can't you catch diseases?

large, penis, problems

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