Shower Fight

It was Wednesday. I hated Wednesday. On Wednesdays I had gym before lunch. Mondays and Fridays were fine because gym was at the end of the day. When gym was at the end of the

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Shower Fight

It was Wednesday. I hated Wednesday. On Wednesdays I had gym before lunch. Mondays and Fridays were fine because gym was at the end of the day. When gym was at the end of the day, I could go home and shower there. However, when gym was right before lunch, one had no choice but to shower at school. At my high school, like most high schools, there were no stalls in the shower... just a big room with a device in the middle that shot water in 8 directions. So there was no way to hide the fact that I had a small cock.

After gym on this particular Wednesday I started stalling, just as I always did. I offered to help the coach put everything away while all the 'normal' kids went off to shower. A few boys hung around to flirt with the girls, but they were the cool kids and that wasn't an option for me. So by the time I helped the coach get everything put away, I headed for the locker rooms. Everyone was just finishing up showering, so after a quick stop in a bathroom stall to stand around and waste some more time, I was good to go shower.

I undressed at my locker, wrapping a towel immediately around my waist as there were still a few guys left putting their clothes on, then went into the shower. I threw the towel off to the side and let the water hit me.

See, most of the guys in my gym class had cocks that were about 3 inches soft. Nobody was teased if they were in that demographic. There were a few, like Jason and Craig, that were a bit bigger at around 5 inches. Then there were the two beasts that were the most popular guys in school, whose cocks hung down ridiculously low, but Aaron and Sean aren't even worth my time to write about since they were just mean bullies who did nothing but mess with everyone they thought were 'less' than them: practically everyone.

So, in the last 5 months or so I had started to really get confident. I finally had managed to get and keep a girlfriend. Her name was Amanda and she really cared about me. She wasn't the hottest girl, but she was very loyal and sweet. I didn't want the confident I got built up by her to be tore down by the guys in the shower - so I'd stopped showering with the guys and did whatever I could to make sure I didn't go in until everyone else had left. It was working wonderfully. And I knew Amanda would be waiting for me outside the lockerroom so we could eat lunch together. Life was good, I thought, as I lathered up.

Suddenly I heard the locker room door open. My mind went wild: was it the coach? Was it some guys? Or.... was it Amanda coming in to get a piece before lunch?

My confident suddenly was gone. I heard voices. Three male voices. It was Aaron, Sean and Jason. 'Damn it', I thought, 'I forgot that they were out there flirting with those girls.' I tried to hurry, but it was no use... they were already stripping and Jason stepped into the shower.

Jason: "Look what we have here, boys... Looks like someone forgot their lunch.. they were apparently having shrimp."

Sean and Aaron followed closely behind, their cocks hanging obscenely between their legs.

Sean: "Looks like shrimp to me..."

Aaron: "Shrimp dick, why're you here so late? Were you sucking up to coach again? Trying to get him to give you a passing grade despite the fact that you can't do anything or keep up with anybody? Or hoping maybe he'd fulfill your lame-ass fantasy of him carrying you into the sunset?"

I gritted my teeth and didn't say a word... I quickly rinsed, trying to get out as soon as possible.

Jason: "aww... Shrimp doesn't want to talk to us guys... Maybe we'll just have to go outside and talk to his girlfriend."

Sean: "Shrimp has a girl!?"

Jason: "Yeah, the kinda thick one outside the locker room with the blonde hair..."

Sean: "Hell, Shrimp got her? I'd fuck her once.. everyone needs a place to put it now and then."

Matt: "Shut up" As soon as I said it, I regretted it.

Aaron: "Uh oh... we're making Shrimp really angry now..."

As Aaron started to walk towards me I felt my stomach sink... My kneels felt weak. I knew there was no way for me to get out of this now.
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Nice start!

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Aaron grabbed me and locked in a full nelson. He was a fan of pro-wrestling and knew exactly what he was doing, because I struggled and could not get free.

Aaron: "Sean, show this boy some respect."

Sean walked up, flexing his large muscular chest, and stood in front of me. At 6'4, he towered over my 5'10 frame, then he punched me with his large masculine hand right in the stomach... I tried to lean forward in pain, but Aaron kept me standing up in the wrestling-hold. I struggled more, but Sean punched again. I could feel internal organs inside me that I was never even consciously aware of ache. After one more strong punch to the stomach, Aaron released his grasp and I fell forward onto my hands and knees on the shower floor.

Sean: "Are you ready to show some respect now, Shrimp?"

Matt: "yes..." I said.... totally regretting it, but knowing if not that I'd probably end up in the hospital.

Aaron's foot came down upon my back and pushed me down from my hands and my knees so that I was laying flat on my stomach on the shower floor. Note that probably 70 guys had showered in here today.

Aaron: "Kiss the floor."

I felt humiliated. This floor was gross. I kissed it though. They burst into laughter. All of them said they didn't think I would do it at once. Then Aaron kicked me hard on the back, stomping on me with his foot.

Aaron: "Lick it."

I felt like I was going to be sick.

Matt: "No."

He grabbed me and picked me up by my hair... I stood, humiliated and in pain. Jason took me by surprise and locked in a full nelson of his own from behind me. This time Aaron punched me, much harder than Sean, in the stomach. I cried out in pain. Aaron grabbed my hair and forced me to look down, towards his huge, hanging, beast of a cock.

Aaron: "That's going in your girlfriend. Right now."

Aaron and Sean started walking towards the door.

Sean: "Keep him in here, and we'll let you have sloppy thirds, Jay."

Jay let go of me and I fell to the ground. As soon as I hit the ground though, I used what strength I had left and tried to stand up. However before I could get to my feet, Jay (standing behind me) kicked me in the nuts from behind. I wasn't protecting them at all and he hit it spot on. I fell to the floor, feeling like I was going to pass out as the locker room door opened and I heard Sean:

Sean: Hey Hun, why don't you come in here and hang out with us while you wait for your boy.

(to be continued).
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D_Mallaber Manynuts

Keep going - good so far
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What happened next?
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please continue....
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dont stop more.........................
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where is the rest???????.......
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you better come up with a part where those 3 idiots die or something cause i hate seeing people like them pick on and hurt others just cause they are stronger
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hope to be reading the next chapter(s) soon
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I hope you die.
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Continue this!
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great story
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.. and then they all lived happily ever after.

The End
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Hey great story when do we get part two!!!!!!!!!
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fight, shower

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