Truth about Trucker Sex

I'm very turned on by hot, sexy truckers, and I've heard and read a lot of stories about how truckers engage in m2m sex action with each other and with male car drivers. But how

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Truth about Trucker Sex

I'm very turned on by hot, sexy truckers, and I've heard and read a lot of stories about how truckers engage in m2m sex action with each other and with male car drivers.

But how true is all that?

For example, do truckers get flashed a lot by male car drivers? Are truckers horny almost all the time? Is there a lot of trucker sex that goes on at those highway rest stops and at trucker hotels along the Interstate?

BTW, I'm using the term "trucker" here to refer to the guys who drive those huge 18-wheelers.

If anyone on this site IS a trucker, I'd especially like to hear from you--or if you have had several sexual experiences WITH truckers.

Thanks a lot! "Keep on truckin'!"
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Yes please anyone let us know
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Well..yes I am a "trucker". I drive one of those 53' 18 wheelers (occasionally, I drive doubles too).....well....14 wheeler anyway (our tractors are single axles , not screws). What goes on in those sleeper cabs...I couldn't begin to tell you...I run a day cab...and I am on a time schedule, and a specific route, so there none of that getting it on in the truck stops stuff for me. In fact, from our terminal in the Philly area to New Haven, CT (my turn point)...theres only one truck stop...and its always so packed, Ive never been in it. As far as being horny all the time....hate to bust your bubble....I am married and haven't had sex in over a month.... I am just too frigging tired to even want sex! Sad... isn't it? I have a rather large member, and never get to use it. So much for the trucking fantasy...

Now I will say this...there is a rest area coming into PA..on I95 that has a reputation as being a "pickle park" or a "suction Junction". But then again...there is always a large Police presence there now because of that. Quite a few guys have been arrested for lewd acts in the parking lot....the bathrooms and yes even the cemetary next to it!

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Oh i forgot to address one question..do we get flashed by male drivers? Well I'm not gay...so I'd rather be flashed by women....but let me see if I can remember how many times I've been flashed......hmmm....5 times I think....twice by the same guy on 2 different occasions (about 6 inches)...on I95 outside Philly. Once by a couple in traffic in Upper Darby, PA...he rolled down her window...and showed me her pussy while we were sittting at a light. It was magnificent btw!!!! Once, sitting in traffic by Philly airport by a guy who had to be 2". And the last one about 7-8 years ago..it was a black guy who had to be 13-14 inches...his dick was so long, it was about an inch from his knee!! Camera phones were not out then...so no pic..sorry.
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I drive a truck, I see guys jackin off alot, and have a got a few BJ's at rest areas and truck stops
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I have no experience in this but have a friend very into truck stops and meeting truckers to blow them. he claims it is common to be able to see them jacking off and even to give them head. He has one truckstop in particular he stops in many days on his long drive to/from work. Guess it's a good scene for guys who are strictly voyeurs and/or love to give non-recip head....(hmmm maybe I need to get a truck...)
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I work at a place where there are truckers in and out all the time, and I've never gotten the impression that any of them would be into m2m things, but hey, I'm usually proved completely wrong and my gaydar sucks :p
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yea it happens ...alot. put a cb in your vehicle, learn the lingo and cruise the highways near a rest area. i drive truck over the road and you wouldnt believe what happens at some of these places, from mild to wild to down right scary. you got to watch yourself or have someone to keep in contact with. alot of places are cleaning up but alot arent.
one old way to tell what someones looking for is if they drive thru the lot with a turn signal on or 4 ways and they're not backing up, left they go one way, right the other,or both. oh yea, you might have to fight the prostitutes for it and from what i've seen, they're tough.

as far as flashing, i've seen more dick on I-5 cali to oregon than i've seen on here i think. dont know what it is about that road but its like everyone wants to flash a truck, old,young,male,female,couples, its crazy, like the older lady, dress pulled up and her dog just a lickin away slows down and rides right along truck for about 5 mile, lol.
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Well I do know of a rest stop outside of san diego well I "heard" horny truckers hang out there looking for sex.I drive a convertable and yes I have flashed cute suv,truck drivers,lol

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I met a trucker one time and it is one that I will never forget. I used to man a gay hot line where guys would call up and talk about their sexuality, where bars are, etc..Well , this one guy called up who was enroute to Florida or somewhere who was driving down from Erie Pennsylvania. We talked for some time and he kept asking me lots of questions about myself and all. He then kept on about how he wanted to meet me and I kept telling him no because it was against the policy of the volunteer org. But his persistence paid off. I agreed to meet him after I got off my shift.

Sight unseen I agreed to go over to his hotel off then interstate. Now there is something exciting about meeting someone you know little about but also risky. You are thinking, what if he is ugly or this or that. You just don't like him.

I find the hotel, knock on the door and there he stands, this VERY handsome, slightly built, masculaine guy. He was shorter than me which I like a lot, very lean . Now I am thinking, does he like me? Well, we watch T.V. for some time and it was getting late and I did not think he was interested in me because he just kind of watched T.V. So I said guess I better be going now, and he said "whats the rush" and that moment leaned over and planted this passionite kiss right on my lips. I about lost it right there. So we are going at it and all and he is unbelievably charged (this is the same guy that earlier appeared not interested in me) and then he pullls out his rather large cock and pulls me over to suck away. It was a thing of beauty and I am in heaven right now.

He then had me lay on my back with my head hanging over the bed slightly and just fucked my face and throat real deep until he came.

Wish I knew where he was now, was tempted to track him down after that but decided against it since he was so closeted and might have been married but he was a really sweet man with a real hot sexual attitude that was just hiding and waiting to get out.
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Awwww that's such a sweet story!

I think you took a huge risk though which may have cost you your life!
Did you tell anyone where you were going as a precautionary measure??
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I too am a truck driver of an 18 wheeler; I have seen guys jacking off and driving down the road naked (which I cared not to see) I have heard of truckers getting head by other guys but that is NOT for me; I like a female thank you. I am married and have been flashed a few times and have also seen a female giving her guy road head while he was driving and I must say what a lucky dude and how much fun that sounds like.

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B_The Greek Dude

Originally Posted by Footlongmeat View Post
I think you took a huge risk though which may have cost you your life!
Did you tell anyone where you were going as a precautionary measure??

People that are willing to do something like that usually don't take any precautions. That's why they call something like that "reckless," or "self-destructive."
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great stories.....maybe it is all true after all

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My dad is a lorry driver.... and I really wish I hadn't been nosy and peeked at this thread.

** goes off and has a little cry **


I enjoy using the comedy technique of self-deprecation - but I'm not very good at it.
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sex, trucker, truth

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