feel of a large penis a womans point of view

Originally Posted by 6.5 texrick She says they had sex several times and she didn't enjoy it because it hurt. At first I did not believe her as many girls have told me this lie

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Originally Posted by 6.5 texrick View Post
She says they had sex several times and she didn't enjoy it because it hurt. At first I did not believe her as many girls have told me this lie before in order to make me feel like my penis is perfect.
It is true, it can hurt. I am only around 7"x6" and in the past I hurt my wife while pushing too deep. And this not in the beginning of the intercourse, so arousing and lubrication were not the issue. But women are not all the same.
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D_Botchely Boneher
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1. when me and my girlfriend have sex i start with deep strokes after a few minutes. do most other women (or atleast most of the women here) like the feeling of your breath being taken away?

2. im nit circumcised but whenever we're sexin it up i stroke it for atleast half an hour because for some reason it takes me a long time to cum ( but i aint complaining ) . i believe the pussy should be fucked thoroughly but can there be such a thing as fucking for too long?

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Originally Posted by Gillette View Post
No replies?

Good to know you guys care so much about our experience.
Never make the mistake to generalize Sweetie, it depends from PERSON to PERSON. Some Guys love their big Peckers and some love their big Peckers and their woman. For me it is about personal preference. What is big for one girl is small for the next. I like my big-one so naturally I would love for my woman to like IT too. The point is: If you(the woman) like IT big then have it big and if you like it medium then have IT medium etc. It is your choice really, you make your own experience Sweety!
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Originally Posted by Ezra_Pound View Post
Which one? That women are more easily attracted by men that are intelligent and will make them laugh or that even a 7" one can hurt?
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It hurt at first. Not really fun, but after many time it the best, feel all nerves go crazy. I love.
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how many times lol.....j/c i don't think you are a slut.
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D_Claude Balls
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Mate if your cock was longer it would make no difference to making her cum.

Its down to position and skill. Trust me. If you rub the clit while fucking it works. It might take time, it might take different angels but in the end the result is orgasm. Its weather you can keep at it long enough and keep hitting that spot before you blow. My wife can cum 99% of the time with her on top. Why? well she is in control. I am deep inside and she is rubbing her clit on me and thebase of my cock. If I am on top of her its different and is for guys. We all like I think, well I do longer stokes. In and out. This is not so good for the girl as they need the contact mostly with the clit to cum. Just my experience.

Originally Posted by 6.5 texrick View Post
These two answers have me a little confused. If your vaginas are only 4-5" in depth then why is it that most women believe a 8x6 is the perfect cock size?

Reasons for my interest in this topic.

I have a 6.5x6.5 penis. I have always loved my cock but have always known if it was a little longer it would be a great cock.

My current GF is crazy about me and I am crazy about her. Our relationship started based on sex. Normal for me not normal for her. She had never really been fucked hard before I had sex with her. Her long term ex-boyfriend had a longer cock than mine but only about 5inch girth. The guy who she was having sex with right before me had a very large penis. Over 8inches around 6 inch girth. She says they had sex several times and she didn't enjoy it because it hurt. At first I did not believe her as many girls have told me this lie before in order to make me feel like my penis is perfect. But then I started to think maybe it did hurt her because he wasn't skilled with his penis. Maybe he was thrusting in to deep before she was aroused enough to take it. Making her think big cocks hurt.

The reason I wonder all this is because my GF takes my whole dick no problem at all. When I am fucking her with her legs on my shoulders (the deepest position I can go) and she is really aroused she tells me to go harder and deeper but I can't. I am going as hard as I can and as deep as I can but she still says deeper. It is not one of those "deepers" a woman will moan to keep the sex active, like "harder, faster, deeper, harder,etc." it is like she is hoping it will some how get deeper, like she is trying to will my penis to touch a place on her vagina that I can not touch.

I of course keep going until she finally gets on top. She can usually come when she is on top in less than a minute after I have been fucking her hard. I know this is a good thing but to me it seems like she just gets bored that she can't come from the penetration so she gets on top to get it over with. I think that if my penis was an 1 or 2 longer I could make her come with penetration.

I wonder if one day she will try to get her real big cock experience since her first big cock guy was no stud and she knows she can take it when she is aroused correctly.
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Originally Posted by UKBBW_Denise View Post
I have a few questions.

1- Do bigger cocks give better orgasms? Only about 5% of women can orgasm from just penetration, for the rest of us it's clitoral, so size isn't an issue with that

I've been with a few women that claim to have had their share of partners, but hadn't ever achieved an orgasm from penetration. All of them had orgasms from penetration with me... naturally, my ego rose quite a bit. In fact, one tryst had several orgasms; the first less than a minute after we started.

As much as I would like to believe I'm a cocksman, I can't help but think there was a lot of emotion in play as well. How much does emotion play in a woman's ability to orgasm through penetration? Or is my girth such that they just can't help themselves?

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the girth would have alot to do with it. the more friction on the walls and clit, the easier the orgasm. i normally have to be on top as well or it can take forever, but not just from penetration - the right spots must be hit.

it's true there is such a thing as too big. i am just getting adjusted after the 5th time w/ my current partner, who is the biggest i've had. i still can't take it all yet. took me 'til the 4th time to orgasm (me on top) and i was still sore days later.

good news is i'm getting more comfortable and the sex is amazing (if done with care).

so guys, please take it easy on her the first couple times, ok?
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Hi, just saw the question and thought I would answer how it is for me personally.

Well hubby found one that was 9and half inches long, and when I sat on it while hubby watched I thought this nice and it was, but when the guy wanted me in the doggie position, it hurt like hell when he put it fully in. I took it for about ten minutes and then had to tell him that it hurt too much and so he got on top and that was better but still hit my end stop which I did not like. So for me I will stick to 7 max and still enjoy hubbies 5 which is quite thick and yes thickness is for me more enjoyable rather than just plain length.

Sally the female part of uknorwichcouple
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I've had a couple male friends with big fat cocks that looked odd. Not arousing. Tapered, big in the middle. Looked like an animal penis. It's gotta be straight with a nice head. Yes I can get wet looking at a perfect cock on an ugly man, as long as I don't see the man attached.

Yes, the orgasms are harder. Perfect is 8 x 5+. I have pity fucked a few small ones on otherwise great guys, but if it doesn't feel spectacular, no amount of good head will make up for that and keep me around.

I'm more physically responsive to something that psychologically moves me, like a perfect cock. But if there's not chemistry, there's no sex. If I jack off to a stranger on the Internet, it doesn't mean I'd do it in reality!
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Excuse my english,iS THERE significative difference in making sex with e big/huge dick respect to a normal size? i think that if a girl take a big cock often she have difficulty to feel normal dick normal is for me 4-5 in girth...is true what you think about?
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Originally Posted by jmn5 View Post
The responses from the women really make a lot of sense. For views, it has more to do with aesthetics rather than just size. For sex, it has more to do with the sexual feeling of the act rather than size.

I think anyone who cares enough to take the cues and pleasure their partner will be in fine shape with a woman. Size may matter to a point, but to a much lessor degree.

My 2c
A cut penis looks generaly UGLY. Looks like a dog's dick.
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Black guys or white guys, who use their big dicks better ?

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