Curved Dicks

Does any one know why some dicks are curved and some are strait? Is there a reason or is it just how they are? A girl i went to school with told me jacking off

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Curved Dicks

Does any one know why some dicks are curved and some are strait? Is there a reason or is it just how they are? A girl i went to school with told me jacking off makes your dick curve. I dont think thats true. Im curved and like it. My last gf and her sister called my cock a banana. What do yall think?
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genetics.....100% genetics
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Thats what i thought. Thanks
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D_Jared Padalicki
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The growing of muscles actually, sometimes the left muscle don't grow that much as the right, so that eventually your dick bends too the left. I don't think it's genetic.
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Mines curved up. Take a look. I dont know if it always been like that i didnt notice till a girl was talking about how it was inside of her.
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it's not genetics I think
so many things cause curvature. Weak tissue or scars on the one side i.e.
actually one handed masturbation could cause slight curvature over time.

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mine isn't curves but it tends to always lean to the left, If I hold it up it stays straight
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Mine curves upward.

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Originally Posted by unabear09 View Post
genetics.....100% genetics
I'm not sure, cause I'm a family first! ;)

now that RICKY'S out I can be compared with him... THANK GOD! ;)
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mine curves up and I think its awesome!
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I started a thread like this a couple months ago...I've always wondered, because most guys have some type of curvature with their penis. I got nothing, I'm completely straight( not that I hate it).
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Curvature is caused almost entirely by the 2 major arteries that in the penis, if one is slightly shorter it forces a curve. Masturbation has nothing to do with it.
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A curved penis can result from a variety of causes.
Genetics, Peyronie's disease, and scarring from injury are all possibilities.
Look up some pics of Peyronie's - some are extreme.

Here's my banana impression:

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mines curves down... must be from playing baseball, confined in the cup. or the jock from soccer. it had to go somewhere during the years of playing sports. its not genetics... hence why everyone is different.

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mine curves up, from genetics i'm shure. it also curves slightly left possibly from me being right handed and "putting it up" in my underwear pointing left pretty much all my life( you know putting in your undies w/ right hand leaves it pointing left). anyone heard of this?
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curved, dicks

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