Tom Welling

This is a fictional story none of it actually happened (even though I wish it did). Chapter One Well I've always been a fan of Smallville but secretally I just watch it for Tom. I

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Tom Welling

This is a fictional story none of it actually happened (even though I wish it did).

Chapter One

Well I've always been a fan of Smallville but secretally I just watch it for Tom. I got a chance to visit the set and there he was in all his glory Tom Welling, he was filming a scene and he was shirtless. The moment I laid my eyes on him I was already getting hard, I can't really remember what was going on in the scene or who was in but I remember Tom and that damn body of his.
The scene took about five hours to shoot and apparentally it was his last shoot of the day, but things went my way. My cousin who works on the set as an assistant told me she was really busy and Tom had left his phone on set and she was really busy and asked if I could take it to his trailer. I didn't even need a second to think about it, on my way to his trailer some idiot or who I thought was an idiot bumped into me and spilt water all down my t-shirt. He was really sorry and I look down and Tom's phone was dry and I noticed the water had made my t-shirt partially see through which ment you could see my six pack and pecs which weren't as impressive as Toms but I didn't care. I told the guy that its ok i didn't mind and I was on my way. It was pritty easy to tell which trailer Tom Wellings was, it was the biggest one.
Walking up to the door I got really nervious I started shaking. Then when I got to the door I had to work up the courage to knock. I thought 'play my cards right and this could be fun'. I knocked and waited for what seemed forever, then the door opened.
"Hi, Can I help you?" he asked and he smiled which immediate gave me butterflies. "You left your phone on set" I reached up to hand him his phone, smiled and as he took it he then quicky grapped the same hand before I pulled it away, I looked at him and he was looking around and then he pulled me in.
"You need to change that t-shirt your going to catch a cold." I thought 'great he just a nice guy' so I took my t-shirt off and then looked at him. He was still smiling. "Very nice. We need to take this into the next room". Ok I know he is the lead on a TV show but I never thought he would have a huge bed in his trailer. Thats all that was in the next room a huge bed. As we walked into the next room he closed the door behind us and turned around, He stood in front of the door and flexed his arms which were way more bigger than before he must have just been working out straight after the scene. "You thought I didn't see you looking before. On set. Matt."
At that moment my legs buckled and I was sitting on his bed "How do you know my name?"
"Your cousin told me" he looked different he wasn't cute Tom Welling he was more hotter he had messy hair was well.
"My cousin, did she arrange this?" I said while shaking.
"Oh yes, she knows you like me and she knows both of us are bi. She asked me to do this." At this point he was right in my face looking in my eyes. At that point I thought screw it if he is bi he won't mind. I kissed him, it was a small kiss. "Is that all you've got?" he said.

Chapter Two

Before I knew it I was in his arms making out with him on his bed. He felt so safe, warm and he had a serious hard-on. He was huge I felt his cock rubbing against mine. He suddenly stopped, he look like he was in pain. I look down to see what was wrong, his jeans where had a massive bulge it looked as though there wasn't enough room for anything else. I was about to undo his button when it popped of an shot across the room, almost hitting me. He pulled his jeans of and said, "Thats the last time i'm wearing tight jeans for anyone." he looked at me "did the button get you?" I shook my head. We started making out again he was on top of me I was wrapped in his arms again.
We eventually took everything off and there it was, a monster 11 inches long and 8 inches in girth, his balls were huge and blue-ish, "Its been a while" he said. Before he said anything else his cock was in my mouth he was moaning and he was running his hands through my hair, the slight salty taste of pre-cum was in my mouth, not long now. Before I knew what was going on he had stopped me and turned me around and I knew what he was going to do. He was inside of me the pain didn't bother me I was in heaven, he started thrusting. He was moaning, I was moaning, I jacked off while he was in me, he was thrusting and going in and out of me I closed my eyes and I felt Toms hands all over my body from my nipples to my cock he took over tossing me off with his giant hand encasing my cock he move his hand slowly up my shaft getting quicker and quicker, thrusting quicker and quicker, I was overwhelmed and I came, I never came that much in my life it shot all over the bed. Tom stopped pulled his cock out, took off the condom and started to beat off and I then I took over. He moaned, I sucked and sucked and then it exploded in my mouth I swallowed every bit, well I tryed to it started spilling out of my mouth and down my chin. Tom went flaccid I let his cock drop out of my mouth it hit the bed with a thud, I licked the cum from around my mouth.
I went and layed next to him I put my head on his cheast and said, "Now I know what fucking Superman feels like".
He laughed and said "Thanks kid" he leaned over kissed me on the forehead and said "I've got the house free this weekend, how do you feel about living with Superman?"
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please carry on i have just shot my load
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yes..more please...
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Keep it up, my friend.
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A little short, but definitely yummy. :)
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I love Tom Welling.

Plz continue
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Wow thanks for the replys.

I'm thinking of chapter 3 right now. Might not be up for a few days and it may have an extra character in this one.

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You know, I thought I was the only starting a celeb slash fiction. Glad I was not the only one, you know.
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I like Tom Welling as well, but your story sounds a bit too fictitious to me.It all happens to quick and to "luckily" - if you know what i mean. And the superman talking at the end was to much ;-)
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The actual story gets abit long.
But the story is back.

Chapter Three

I ended up staying with Tom long term, when I started meeting him more and more his wife found out and got curious and found out what he was doing all the time. Apparently their relationship was already on the rocks and him being with me just ended the relationship. I can't complain I've got my hunky boyfriend, but he did take it hard when she left him but I supported him. Eventually he needed something to get over what happened, he decided to work out way more that before. I got a phone call that same week saying my brother was in hospital with serious injuries, he was in a car accident and I had to go. Tom took me to the airport and told to me to wish him well. Tom and my brother didn't get along, my brother was the smart one in the family and I had the muscle so we never really go on well together ether. He didn't like Tom because he wasn't important he was a homosexual and so was I, but he once tried to help me become straight once if I didn't let him help me he would have told my family, at that point I hadn't came out and hadn't told my family and only he knew and my then boyfriend Jared, but his help didn't work and my family found out and they didn't mind in fact my family really like Tom. The only reason my brother has kept in contact with me was because I was family.

So I ended up staying at my parents house for a month while my brother was recovering he was unconscious for most of the time I was there. Over the month I phoned Tom a lot he didn't mind me saying a month away from him and he had working out to do which kept he mind off me and his now ex wife. He did say he had a surprise for me though, so I decided to edge over the weeks which kept me busy.

The Last week was interesting.

Chapter Four

The day I go back.

I was packed and ready to go my brother was fine and for the first time in years he okay with me. I heard a knock at the door “Come in”. I was my brother he was smiling, I went up and hugged him and held the hug for a while. “How are you feeling” I asked
“Okay, I just got back from my check up and the doctor said I'm okay and I'm not to do any physical activities for a while. But that not a problem about that I haven't done any sports in years, that's your neck of the woods.”he said smiling.
“Oh bro, I only did it for the boys” As we carried on talking I found out that he was okay now with me and Tom being gay and may visit. “Oh by the way Tom is Bi I'm the gay one.”
“Doesn't make any difference Matt. You two love each other and that makes it a gay relationship.” His logic did make sense. “Oh I have this for you.” He handed me a silver box.
“Oh shiny” I opened it and inside was a picture frame It was me and Tom from when he came down to visit the family. We were sticking our tongues out at the camera, I miss him.
“I take it you are going home now,” he said now looking at my bags.
“Yes,” my eyes started watering up, I grabbed my brother and hugged him and I started crying. “Thanks for the photo.” we were still hugging for a long time “I think this is the longest you've ever let me hug you.”
“I've missed you I can't believe I hated you for being gay. I feel so silly, I guess having a brush with death made me think straight” he pulled away and I wiped my eyes. He but his hands on my shoulders, “tell that actor of yours that I said thanks for wishing me well and ask him if I can stay at the house when I come and visit."
“I'm sure it will be fine, bro”.

After I got away from the house and managed to wipe the tears from my eyes, I managed to phone Tom and told him I was on my way to the airport. He said “Good, I'll be waiting for you when you get home.” at that he hung up.

Chapter Five


I got out of the taxi and struggled with the bags which I just dropped in the living room. Before I called and asked where Tom was I found a note on the table which said:

Follow the Path.

“Path?” I looked and saw clothes on the floor leading to the stairs. I then smiled and ran up stairs. On the bed was a six foot three hunk of pure muscle with a rose in his mouth and wearing nothing but briefs, my cock started to swell. His muscles were bigger than normal the bed looked way too small with him on it. He crawled on all fours towards the edge of the bed where I was standing. He looked at me with his big blue eyes, I took the rose and kissed him on the forehead. He the grabbed me and pulled me on to the bed and rose went flying somewhere. We kissed, our cocks rubbed against each other and swelled. My clothes were ripped and torn off, my body. I moved downwards as I kissed, kissing his adams apple, his nipples his massive pecs and arms down to his belly button. Most of his cock was sticking out of his briefs and I sucked his monster of a member, slowly getting more in my mouth. His briefs came off and more of his cock was available which was more gratefully welcomed. His whole cock was in my mouth and I sucked he moaned and rubbed his hands through my head and back. We slowly moved and he started sucking me off then he got a look at my ass. Before I knew it I was on my face getting a cock slowly getting putt in my ass. So he slowly put inch after inch in my ass. I moaned as he inserted more and more it never seemed to end “oh keep it coming.”He started pulling it in and out faster and faster. The force that he was putting behind each encounter was extreme he began to move his body on top of my body his head was beside mine he nibbled at my ear while fucking me, this just added to the ecstasy of the experience. He then just held me his arms wrapped around me, he moaned, I moaned. Every thing seemed to go on forever the then build up began as he began moving faster and faster. Moaning loader almost screaming more and more, louder and louder until he orgasmed. He pulled his cock out and the condom was flooded it was pure white. He turned me around. His hair was wet and looked sexy his whole body had a sheen of sweat over it. He slowly sucked me of. I had my hands all over him, his muscles bulging. The orgasm was coming “Faster” I was moaning and trying to tell him. My cock was all his mouth cum started to rise and shot out, after weeks of edging the force was powerful, wave after wave of cum orgasm after orgasm like a shotgun pumping into Toms mouth.I moaned the force was unbelievable, I was moaning more and more and then It slowly stopped. I laid their tired with my boyfriend next to me. Our cocks limp also tired, Tom hugged me I felt protected his huge bulging muscles kept me safe and with my arms around my boyfriend we fell asleep.
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fiction, story, tom welling

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