ball stretching?

Hello all. A couple people have seen my pics and asked me if I stretch my balls. I take it this is some sort of procedure designed to get them to hang lower? I've heard

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ball stretching?

Hello all. A couple people have seen my pics and asked me if I stretch my balls. I take it this is some sort of procedure designed to get them to hang lower? I've heard of penis stretching, but not sack stretching. If anyone's familiar with this please enlighten me!

- Brian
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nice ball sac by the way...im in so calif and i love ball stretching. i have been doing this (my mini hobby) for alittle more than 10yrs now. started when i was 20. low balls i do admire. i can give you pointers or help you out if you would like to get into stretching.

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How do you ball stretch?
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Stretching the Sac - Ball stretching

Leather Ball Stretchers - Ball Stretching

Ever notice how some guys nuts just kind of dangle, almost like pendulums? While others have a tight sack which is sort of like a half sphere, always close and tight next to the body? Well if you want the low hangers, or you want yours to hang lower - this document will cover some commonly used techniques.

First off, proceed with caution as we're talking about the family jewels here. The testes produce the primary male hormone testosterone -which plays a major role in various bodily functions. Never stretch your testicles so that you are in any type of pain or discomfort, or so that you cut of the flow of circulation to them (they start getting blue and cold)

That being said - if you gradually - over a period a time commit to a technique of stretching that is comfortable for you, you can lengthen your sack so that your nuts hang down lower. While some would question the need for this - or wonder why you'd waste your time on it - it comes down to a matter of preference - or call it kink. For me personally - I love the feeling of my nuts after a hot shower, when they hang their lowest. The dangling feeling of them against my legs is just in some ways a turn on. Some guys have achieved some amazing results - being able to tie their nuts in a knot or put them up their own ass. And as far as time goes, if you create or use a simple comfortable device, it becomes merely a matter of putting it on as you dress after a shower, just like slipping on your underwear. In this document we'll cover just a few ways. Be innovative and you'll come up with dozens of other techniques.

Building Low-Hanger Balls!
So you want to build one of those gorgeous sets of low-hanging, heavy balls? We can help, read on!

A little anatomy lesson
First, you need to understand the anatomy of what you are working with. The testicles are pretty much free inside the scrotal sac, but they aren't held up by the scrotum. They are supported by what I'll call "suspenders" from the inner side of the pubic bone. This is a unique tissue that acts a little like a ligament- but it's more flexible and extends or contracts in reaction to temperature. The scrotal sac itself also reacts to temperature. There's also the plumbing; blood vessels and the passages that carry sperm to the seminal vesicle, located by the prostrate. It is the seminal vesicle that produces semen, the fluid part of the ejaculate, while the testicles produce sperm, or the "active ingredient". It is the seminal vesicle that spasms and ejaculates; not the testicles. To build low hangers, you have to stretch the scrotum to make room for them, and you need to stretch the plumbing as well- but the most difficult part is to stretch those "suspenders", the strong tissues that adjust the travel range of the testicles. I call the relevant parts of this process "the elements of success".
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I think i might start stretching my mans! sounds hot!!
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I stretch mine for my lady, she seems to like to play with them hanging low. I love it when she does it so I keep on stretching.
I use split collars for weight which I wear all day. I also pump now and again just to give the sack a good stretch. Cant do both at the same time, as split collars wont fit for a few days after pumping, so usualy alternate.
Not been doing it for as long as lineok03 (impressive gallery), been doing it for about 8 years.
Have some photos in my gallery.
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People have asked me if I am into sack stretching. My nuts hang low enough as it is. I have to be careful when I sit down so as not to sit on my balls. I was once asked while in the sauna at the gym, "Are those natural?"!!
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Originally Posted by Brian815 View Post
Hello all. A couple people have seen my pics and asked me if I stretch my balls. I take it this is some sort of procedure designed to get them to hang lower? I've heard of penis stretching, but not sack stretching. If anyone's familiar with this please enlighten me!

- Brian
Stretched or not, they are some Drool worthy Nuts....
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D_Ollyvalle Treegirth
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I'm an off-and-on ball stretcher. Really appreciate low-hangrers and wish I had 'em. There are probably many ways to do it, but most common is to wear ball stretchers, made out of leather, rubber, or (best) metal. Here is a pic of me in my new one, known as a "split collar" -- it's in 2 halves, you clamp them together above your nuts (they're snug so they don't slip off) then bolt them togther with an allen wrench. feels great, at least to me....theyre really only functioning when youre standing (or better yet, walking.... or running if, like me, you enjoy that degree of intensity....)
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the split collars are great for stretching. did not have naturally tight balls, but not exceptionally low hangers either..more like moderate hangers. these have helped mine hang much lower. can now wear 3 collars at the same time sometimes.

check my gallery for some pics
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here are older pictures of me when i was wearing 8 steel split collars. i painted them so you can see them all. what do you think????????
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File Type: jpg 3(09)03.jpg (20.8 KB, 1400 views)
File Type: jpg 4(27)a.jpg (25.6 KB, 1050 views)
File Type: jpg 8+split+collars+A.jpg (19.3 KB, 1161 views)
File Type: jpg 8collars+C.jpg (16.5 KB, 1074 views)
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Those pics are great... i'm trying to find some metal collars in Australia and having trouble. Anyone know where to get them cheap?
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smooth...down under-where your at, there shoul be a hardware store. or a store like homedepot or lowes. when you find one and walk in...ask for the chian isle or where you have your metal rings at. if they ask what's your project, tell them your making something you saw off the tv. you dont have to buy a lot of rings at once. i own 30rings and i have bought them over a yrs time.

hopefully this is helpful and have fun....its my own little secret hobby heheheheh (remember rome wasnt built in a day) dont rush things.


ps: http://www.nsbodymods.com/index.php here is a site for anyone to see...evening you can order from down under .....Economical Steel Ball Stretchers
You've seen them and really wanted one, but couldn't justify spending a day's wages on one. Now you don't have to because an affordable alternative is right here, right now!
You've probably envied the guy who has a gleaming set of stainless or chrome-plated stretchers, but have you ever seen them after substantial use? Let me tell you, it's not pretty. After awhile, the chrome plating wears off, exposing the brass. And we all know what happens when brass (or copper for that matter) comes into contact with skin, right? Those kinds of plated devices will eventually make your skin turn green! And, for as much as they charge for stainless ($80.00 or more) they may as well be made of gold.
Our cold-rolled steel stretchers offer higher weight than chrome-plated brass (or even stainless) devices at an affordable price!

When using multiple rings, you can combine metal and non-metallic stretchers to reduce noise and/or reduce weight while keeping the desired length (kind of looks cool too).

Non-Metallic Ball Stretchers
Made of durable DelrinŽ polymer, these stretchers are pefect for people who would like to use them on the job, but are prohibited by their work environment.
Because these contain no metal, they can be used near strong magnetic/electrical fields, can pass through metal detectors, and cast less of a shadow on X-rays.
"Do you ship outside the U.S.?"
YES! Shipping to the following countries is available...

Canada & Mexico - Flat rate of $10.00 usd.

United Kingdom - Flat rate of $12.00 usd.

Australia - Flat rate of $12.00 usd.

New Zealand - Flat rate of $12.00 usd.

Netherlands - Flat rate of $12.00 usd.

Ireland - Flat rate of $12.00 usd.

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I have bigger than average balls that naturally hang pretty low, but sometimes I put on a stretcher. Nothing like the multiple-ring pictures we've seen here, though. I'm curious, though, why I've never seen a "during" and "immediately after" set of pics to show how a guy's nuts hang just after taking off (let's say) 20 rings. Bet they really droop. Nice to imagine.
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cool cool you have " I have bigger than average balls that naturally hang pretty low" it would be cool if you can share your description to the group. i see you have been a memeber since 12.05.2007 and no pictures on your profile. i pesonaly would love to see your hangers and i know there are many people on this site that would love to see how low you hang. you show yours and i will show before and after picutres. :-) only fair right?

by the way...today i havnt worn any rings and im hanging low. its hot here in the la area and im loving it ehehhehe...my goal is to get 30 rings before i turn 31 in sept.
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ball, stretching

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