Wanking Techniques

I find myself feeling really horny sometimes, but the only way I can relieve myself is by dry wanking, or using some shampoo as lube. I was wondering if anyone knew any techniques, or different

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Wanking Techniques

I find myself feeling really horny sometimes, but the only way I can relieve myself is by dry wanking, or using some shampoo as lube. I was wondering if anyone knew any techniques, or different ways to orgasm, while i'm alone in the bathroom.

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If thats what works for you then stick to it
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i always like to masturbate in front of a mirror. i can get very horny watching myself stroke my cock. i also like to get into a doggiestyle position and use my thumbs and forefingers of each hand to make a 'hole' i can stick my cock into, and watch it disappear as i pound my hands while i look behind at myself in the mirror. if you've got multiple mirrors, this could help, since you don't have to strain your neck, trying to look backwards. it's still fun though. i have examples of this in my gallery, and i'll include one here as well, so you can see what i'm talking about. i'm using lube in this photo, but i normally don't. all you have to do is prop one leg up on something, and go to it.
also, i love to gently rub and play with my balls.
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My cock almost looks "tacked on" if I see it in a mirror. That's on the one hand kind of cool, on the other hand kind of weird. Either way, I'd think of shampoo as a "wet wank" since it's at least some kind of lube. I don't use lube much, but when I do, I sure like it!
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Yeah, I like jerking off to myself in front of a mirror. It seems like others like doing it too. I used to think it was weird to just be jerking off to myself jerking off, but everyone else does it.
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Mirrors are really good.

Also try prostate stimulation (see below).
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Well, usually I'm in the bathroom, unless I am buddying up and then it may be in the den. In the bathroom its probably hair conditioner because I like the feel. When I'm being a buddy, it's lube. I like ID lube or KY Warming.
I also have just turned on the cam and watched myself on the screen, it's kind of erotic.

I've never been happier. I'm so happy I'm GAY.
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If u really want to know different ways to masterbate there is this great website I know its called Advanced Masturbation theres loads of different techniques that I know u would like have fun

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great site johnathan Visualizations are excellent.
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D_Ollyvalle Treegirth
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long ago I remember reading in my dad's Playboy or Penthouse this technique: cuff your balls in a handkerchief; as you jack with one hand, pull up with the other. really amplifies the eventual orgasm (and feels better as you get closer). It's too bad more guys aren't into their balls as an erogenous zone.

A variant I invented: do the same with washcloth, right after running hot water over it (or as warm as you can take it; I like it quite hot <G>).
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D_Coyne Toss

Some techs I love.

I place one hand on the base of my penis, the other on the head, and then move the first one up, the latter down, with the usual jerk off motion.

I lube my hands and rub my glans with a circle motion: it drives me crazy.

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I generally use the basic fist position unless i'm feeling horny in which case i often backhand fist...i honestly have'nt tried other methods although when i was a kid before i was able to get erections i would roll my dick around with my flat palms while lying on my front with hips slightly raised but it does'nt work with a hardon

The phrase 'suck it up' seems to be IN right now.
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Thanks for the tips!

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!
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techniques, wanking

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