unshaven ladies

Hi all When I was in the 20s most nude photos of woman are unshaven and I loved it, but now most photos and videos of ladies are shaven. Do all man like shaven ladies

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Question unshaven ladies

Hi all

When I was in the 20s most nude photos of woman are unshaven and I loved it, but now most photos and videos of ladies are shaven. Do all man like shaven ladies of am I odd

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you are not odd. I like women who shave a little, and trim their bush. I shave a little and trim my pubes, but do not shave all of it off. pubic hair acts as a natural cushion and kind of like a lubricant. between your bush and her bush, assuming the missionary position, the pubes slide on each other. I dated a gal that was shaven when we met. it was nice going down on her, but she grew her bush back and just trimmed it, and it was still a nice muff dive.
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Account Disabled

Sometimes I have a bush, or as much of one I can grow, and guys have either stated it wasn't going to stop them from licking or loved and were happy to see it.

Also, I really love to feel pulling on my pubes during oral, so that gives them another way to stimulate me. :)
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I must say i think unshaven is the best.
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Personally, I prefer a nice natural bush on a woman; in fact, I like women pretty much natural in every way--breast implants are such a turn-off. And I'm sorry if I don't find it a turn-on to be in bed with a woman who looks almost prepubescent below the waist.

Beyond that, there's just something about pleasuring a woman with your mouth and smelling her scent in her pubic hair that's almost indescribable. Unfortunately, we live in a time where there is a degree of distain about many natural aspects of the human body--both male and female. I'm not exactly sure if it's psyhchologically healthy for a culture when everyone is made to feel that there is something wrong with their natural body which will cause rejection without altering it in some fashion.

All in all, it's not the size of the bush or breasts on a woman, nor the amount of body hair or size of the cock on a man, which is important: it's the quality of the person within that body which makes all of the difference.

My two cents.
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Well said.
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D_Coyne Toss

My vote goes to trimmed women.

A totally shaven pubes looks too "teen", while a wild bush is still ok, but less nice during cunninlingus, when I like my tongue to feel her labia and skin.

The fashion of shaven ladien in present day's porn seems to reflect the need to expose even more the genitalia, and maybe the will to show "younger". Does it make sense?
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the only thing scarier than a vagina is a hairy one...
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D_Merringtonne Meathead

Personally I prefer women with a nicely trimmed bush, and trim my own hair so it doesn['t get in the way etc. I have fucked a few women with shaven pussies, once you're in it doesn't make much difference, but licking them is not so much fun, at least not for me.
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B_Mademoiselle Rouge

bush bush bush and more bush

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I stay shaven during the summer months and trimmed in the winter. I find it more hygienic that way when I am on my cycle. I was never really shaven until 2 years ago but it is what I prefer right now. I prefer the way it feels too against my underware. I have never had someone complain either way.
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I like it trimmed or shaven but I wouldn 't turn down a big bush either. Same with cocks.
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a little strip wouldn't hurt for me

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I was born in the wrong era and the wrong country. I love a natural, hairy bush and I also love armpit hair on a woman. People these days have discarded their animal nature because the television taught them to.
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I like to keep bush up above and shave down below. Hairy labia just doesn't feel sexy to me.

ladies, unshaven

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