Horse sex

I am sure this not the first time this has been discussed but here it goes: If though it is interesting but pretty dangerous what is the deal with women screwing horses its kinda messed

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Question Horse sex

I am sure this not the first time this has been discussed but here it goes:
If though it is interesting but pretty dangerous what is the deal with women screwing horses its kinda messed up i mean if u want one that is going 2 rip u open why not just get an artificial one ?????? At least u aint gotta worry about the horse getting overly excited!! I tried posting a pick that but don't know if it worked... the pics i have seen r unbelievable.
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Well I don't think I'm going to far out on a limb when I say most people here probably don't want to see some horse on man/woman pictures. I understand the logic behind those that condone sex with animals but I personally don't agree with it.

I suppose you could consider it a fetish but it can be a pretty dangerous way to get your rocks/ovaries off. I'd find something a lil less dangerous and taboo.
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I think that beastiality is very disgusting. I say it's unnatural. Keep within your species, humans! And also, I have heard of people dying from exploring their horse fetish and having their insides ripped open... it's not nice.

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B_Artful Dodger

Originally Posted by FBAnder View Post
I suppose you could consider it a fetish but it can be a pretty dangerous way to RIP your rocks/ovaries off. I'd find something a lil less dangerous and taboo.
Just thought I'd correct that to make it more accurate...
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A horse is a horse
Of course of course
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Of course
That is, of course
Unless the horse
Is the famous Mister Ed!

Go right to the source
And ask the horse
He'll give you the answer that you'll endorse
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People yakkity-yak a streak
And waste your time of day
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Unless he has something to say!

Oh, a horse is a horse
Of course, of course
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You never heard of a talking horse?

Well, listen to this:
. . I am Mister Ed"

I enjoy having a close, personal relationship with reality.

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Thats just plain right wrong and disgusting

never fear Wally is here

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Bestiality is disgusting.

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Horse sex is comical.


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Didnt a guy die in washington gettin dicked by a horse - I saw a documentay about it, weird shit - but kinda funny if you have no soul;)
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Who in the hell on God's green earth would let a horse fuck em? OMG it's a fucked up world
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I used to live in Colorado, I was out walking in this rural area, woman is on this dirt road sitting in her car with her head turned. Can't see what she's looking at so after about 5 minutes or so she turns her head an I see a big smile on her face. She drives off, I look over to where she was looking and it's hanging down to the ground. This horse was just standing by himself with a massive hardon.

Speaking of having sex with a horse, there was this guy a few years back in Washington state that had been anally penetrated by a horse. His colon was perferated and he died of peritonitis. There was a movie called Zoo made about him.
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there's a video on the net, I've seen the video and read the article, the article was that the guy in the video where he had been fucked by a horse, died in few hours because of internal emorrhage
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Believe it or not, but there has been a study published over here in Europe (Netherlands), not so long ago, about the history and sociology of "the love of animals" amongst pet owners.

A whopping 30% of all female pet owners admit they have had fantasies about having sex with their pet. About 15% admitted they have done things with their pets others might deem "inappropriate" (can be classified: beastiality).

I guess the majority of these pet lovers were talking about dogs, because I don't see why anyone could get sexually aroused by looking at a goldfish. But nonetheless, the sheer diversity of erotic relations between humans and animals is incredible. Beastiality is as old as mankind, and can be found across cultures.

I don't have pets. Not interested. But I can imagine that a "loving" relationship between a pet and its owner, can sometimes become an "erotic" relationship. After all, pets are the perfect screens of desire, on which one can project ones fantasies and live out ones desires (not necessarily of a sexual nature). That's precisely why they are pets. That's the entire raison d'Ítre of a pet.

A pet is first and foremost a domesticated animal, domesticated with the sole intent of bonding emotionally with its owner. That's why other animals are called animals, not pets. And since emotional bonding always contains sexual drives and desires, it would not come as a surprise to know that beastiality is very widespread.

Will check for the correct reference of the study.

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I'd rather be the horse,
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ive seen those vids; they can be erotic depending on what youre into and it is most certainly a taboo type thing, and there are websites littered all over the net dedicated to amateurs.

hey, do what makes you happy. it aint like the animals are getting hurt or nething. so watever. hell they're probly happy, last time i checked horses cant jurk themselves off now can they?


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