Muscle God ZEB ATLAS and his new sex tape.Why Zeb I didnt know you went that way.

He did to a Jake Cruise vid, but it was just a BJ, and I'm not sure, but I think a big deal was made of it, because it was supposed to be the first

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He did to a Jake Cruise vid, but it was just a BJ, and I'm not sure, but I think a big deal was made of it, because it was supposed to be the first time that he'd ever actually done ACTION with a guy. Everything else was just posing, and his action had always been with females (at least, that's what I read, and I've only seen him pose solo).

But the chick in this one... Um, that's one of the most unnatural and unflattering boob jobs I've seen. You can clearly see the bags sloshing around, and their outlines.

Sure, now that I'm bending over, I've got your attention. Where were you 5 mins ago, when I was being brilliant?

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More please! That was a hot clip....hot chicks, especially the the woman whos tits he latches onto.....instant hard on....he was ok looking in the face, has a smoking hot body, and oozes sex appeal.
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Men. Women. It's all the same to Zeb, as long as he gets the $$$.
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flame boy
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Hmmm, last thing I heard he was going to fuck Matthew Rush: http://queermenow.net/blog/wp-conten...kszebatlas.jpg
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D_Portelay Porquesword

Originally Posted by bigone90036 View Post
Men. Women. It's all the same to Zeb, as long as he gets the $$$.
This is the same thing I thought. He does everybody. Why leave anyone out? LOL
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ive seen this before...still a good vid...he has a great body!

does anyone know how big he is? hes obviously not huge but im guessing around 7 maybe?

he also sounded like a messed up goat when he came lol
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Originally Posted by bigcockman690 View Post
he also sounded like a messed up goat when he came lol
LMFAO - You hit it dead on!
Zeb's done two vids (so far) for Brazzers. Both with that same gal. I think her name is Devon Michaels (?). She's fucking hilarious in the opening scene of the "Cheating At Work" video when she (none too subtly) seduces him.
After watching Zeb through hand-covered eyes being serviced by that revolting old troll Jake Cruise - even this str8 porn is a refreshingly superior turn-on by comparison. That Devon gal is a hot chiquita, but her boob job is very evident - especially in the scenes where she's lying on her back in the "Just Like Old Times" vid.
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Oh, I've seen this video...very hot!

Also intersting to note, that Devon Michaels happens to be Zeb's girlfriend.
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are gay guys out there so desperate they'll take anything they can get?

guess so...

LIFE'S TOO SHORT TO DEAL WITH CLOSET CASES. not very "gay" (hate dance music, circuit queens, drag/leather, fashion, being fabulous, etc.) i'm only interested in other men who are interested in other men.
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XTube Videos

here is a vid.
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With most guys in the porn industry, it's alot easier for them to fuck a chick than it is to fuck a dude. Regardless of what side of the team they film on.

I think he wanted to retain his ambiguous sexuality. He does Jake Cruise and a week later does Matthew Rush. In order to keep the gay rumors at bay, he fucks some smoking hot chicks just to show you that he's not on one side or the other.

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D_Portelay Porquesword

Any links to the Matthew Rush thing?

**For discussion of Zeb Atlas please visit his super thread.**

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