Way too pretty to be in porn

Seriously, this girl is ridiculously cute. And it's a good long scene! Teen fuck and facial

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Way too pretty to be in porn

Seriously, this girl is ridiculously cute. And it's a good long scene!

Teen fuck and facial
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That girl is seriously cute! She's the type that dresses conservatively for work than miraculously transforms into an insatiable nympho in bed. All us straight men should be so lucky to find a babe like her.

P.S. The way she pulls her hair out of the way while giving head tells me she is no stranger to the camera.
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Absolutely in-fucking-credible! What a fantastic fuck! How many times did she come, from that huge schlong???

Hard as a rock here now...have to go do something about it.

Thanks so much for sharing, Ch4rlie
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Also agree...she's so cute! In every possible way, and so natural about it.

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She is not too pretty for porn, but she definitely looks too innocent for porn. She looks like the quiet girl in your homeroom class. Very hot.
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haha i had a girl and my class and she looked excectly like her.... little bit of a girl next door
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A brunette Kylie Minogue, no less.

Nice one.

8.5" x 5.25"
Long-time happy. Broadly, less so.
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If I can't meet her . . . is her MOM available???!!!
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I feel sorry for her...
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Katie June has been in a few porn videos, here is one of my favorites. from the peeping tom series.

Silverstone DVD presents Peeping Tom #18
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B_Mademoiselle Rouge

Her voice is uhhh....way too smokey like for me. She is pretty and its nice to watch her cum. And she's not that innocent if she has a clit ring. She sounds like a dying calf when getting close to orgasm.

I was too busy watching those big cocks slide into her like she had room for 2.

Life is a highway....well you know the rest.
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Wow, Mad Rouge, that's kinda harsh! I was thinking she sounds more like a newborn calf than a dying calf, personally. Or maybe just the mama cow while she's birthing the newborn calf. Ha.

But all in all, that was hot. She has a pretty pussy. That's an underrated aspect of a porn scene. I could do without the abdomen tattoo that will one day balloon up into a mural, tho.

On an unrelated note...does anyone else think the YouJizz logo is completely retarded? I mean...c'mon.

PS, ch4rlie...thnx for posting. I didn't mean to sound ungrateful :(

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hell of a nice pussy i give it three thumbs up
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bobabooey69 is offline

She is adorable, I rather watch innocent looking girls like her rather than those plastic starlets anyday!

I enjoy having a close, personal relationship with reality.

Hey newbies, just cuz I have a female as my avatar doesn't mean I'm a chick, seriously, stop PM'ing me.
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i feel the 'too cute' thing. i ache whenever i see some girls in porn like this one...

YouPorn.com Lite (BETA) - Porn

... i feel like they have been ruined by it.
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porn, pretty

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