Skinny dipping..

.. ever done it? I have. Awesome memories.

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Skinny dipping..

.. ever done it?

I have. Awesome memories.
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Absolutely no better feeling than swimming nude!
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Done it many times, nothing really memorable.

I'm female... check the pics..
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Yeah, in high school especially. A friend of a friend had an absolutely enormous pool in back of her house and we were swimming at night when her parents weren't there. It actually started because I dove into the deep end and lost my trunks!

Also, my friend there had absolutely fabulous breasts... I was kind of overwhelmed at the time because I hadn't really seen breasts outside of fake porn boobs before then. Good times.

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D_Hugh Jassman

Have always skinny dipped. A friend and myself in high school would skinny dip in a lake every afternoon after a summer time job. We were laborers and would get very hot and dirty from the day. Sometimes we hit a creek under an overpass. Most cars never noticed....but some did and slowed and watched for a while. It was a rural area, and we were not very modest. As a matter of fact...I went skinny at the beach last weekend....nothing like it....very natural.
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My girlfriend and i used to jump the fence at my neighborhood swimming pool at night and go skinny dipping.
We'd also go far enough out into the water at the beach to strip down underwater and have sex. Got a few weird looks doing that...
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Skinny dipping, like most all swimming in anything other than a hot tub, usually results in that most worst of enemies: MAJOR SHRINKAGE from immersion in cold water.

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There was a large creek behind our business park, and we skinnydipped there for much of a summer, myself and a cousin. Great fun! The first time I followed my cousin and a co-worker to the creek, i had no intention of swimming there. There was a busy highway beyond the trees on the other side of the creek and a full view through these trees! Yes! You could actually see the faces of the people in the cars as they passed, and I said forget it that first time. The next day was aslow day, so sheerly out of boredom and we were all seen by a security guard the following week. He just laughed, told us to be careful and left us-that's all! My uncle would have killed us if he'd ever found out and its amazing we were never reported! Great great fun!

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D_Suckleberry Hound

Yes, quite a few times. In pools, lakes, and hot tubs (if that counts). With friends and with stangers. Sometimes everyone was naked, but some of my hottest memories are when I was naked but everyone else wasn't. I had one great CFNM experience in particular skinny dipping in Lake Washington while my friend Shana watched. She then fucked me on the shore, me naked and her fully clothed and on top.
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i did once in highschool with two female friends... it wasn't nearly as fun as it sounds though ahah. it was a fall night in wisconsin and cold as fuck and we didn't have towels and we only went into the lake for a minute and there was no fun touching haha

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Originally Posted by KellyMilk View Post
.. ever done it? Yes

I have. Awesome memories.So do I,stop posing as a female!
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Still do it all the time! Got plenty of swimming holes here where I live tucked away in the woods. I love nude beaches too. It feels strange to swim with clothes on!
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we're born without clothes and it totally a wonderful thing to not wear them (under appropriate situations) i don't care about shrinkage because that goes away fast with a little attention...

The world revolves around the cock.
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The guy we swam with was such a free spirit! He was this crazy, gorgeous guy from the South [forget where] and it was nothing for him to strip off and wade in this creek! We couldn't believe it. He had the most perfectly round bubble-butt on a white I've ever seen. Not too toned, just round and PINK! Adorable! Not the biggest cock either, but a nice, thick bouncy one that looked delicious when dripping wet. I was alone with him in the creek at least once, and I actually think he might have let me blow him, but that damned jolly security gent interrupted us. Great summer anyway!
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I always loved swimming naked, the feeling of freedom is amazing
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