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you are far to considerate to be offensive...let them deal with their issues on their own. They are just jealous. Next thing you know, they will have a problem with you showering naked....

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you are far to considerate to be offensive...let them deal with their issues on their own. They are just jealous. Next thing you know, they will have a problem with you showering naked....
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So how big do you pop your tent?
I expect you don't want or need the approval of these disapproving guys...
So let them make the sacrifice...LOL
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dude it's your room too - you are paying for your share.

If you were keeping others from having a full night's sleep, then maybe there would be reason for someone to be frustrated (like snoring as mentioned.)

but using that logic--- it means that other guys are staying up, laying in bed at night (or in the early am) checking out your tent pole?

damn honestly i'd be flattered... regardless of if the checkers were gay or straight... as long as I wasn't further hastled or inconvenienced by undesired attention or retribution to my unruly penis.

dude it's not like you're sleeping naked without a sheet popping full bone waiting for someone to come service you- you are sleeping in your underwear under a sheet- that's more than alot of guys do in that scenario bro

your body is doing a natural reflex during sleep. If you turned on your side and curled into the fetal position, could you control that? If you were sharing your bed with a buddy and he woke up with you spooning him? Again- it's an extreme example, but it's the same thing. We can control our *passions* when we are awake (and are expected to do so in civil society) but shouldn't be expected to try to hold back normal functions while sleeping.

If you are regularly rockin the bone in the AM then your body is just wired for those hard-core. I get them during the last REM cycle, but usually I wake up soft (for me the bones come and go, but my body doesn't require a piss hardon when I wake up...) If I lie in bed (like hit the snooze button) I notice them more then before hopping out of bed. I like those mornings :) good reason to sleep naked btw

I think the suggestion of sleeping in briefs wouldn't solve the problem- probably just give a more outlined viewing in the morning.

I say shrug off the childish behavior and let those boys enjoy being inspired by an occasional view of what a man's body does. Like my pastor says- Don't fight nature, it always wins.

If someone says something, ask them if they are volunteering to help set up the campsite. If not, they can put out their own fire(s) before bedtime.

Good luck bro keep us posted sounds like a fun trip
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Originally Posted by SirConcis View Post
I think as long as you don't flaunt it, it is fine. If some other guy notices you have a "Tent", then he can't complain because he was looking where he wasn't supposed to look anyways.

Having a natural wood is quite different than stroking in the dorm with other guys present.
I agree. You are being completely proper.

Being one who flies his own flag, I would slip off my clothes once under the sheet. I'm sure that I'd get bitched at from someone, but I'd sleep naked anyway.

Have fun in Portugal!
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how the fuck is the frat guy "taking after your behavior" does he wake up limp and make himself hard before walking around or something?
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Originally Posted by THEDUDEofDestiny View Post
how the fuck is the frat guy "taking after your behavior" does he wake up limp and make himself hard before walking around or something?
No, just doesn't care. Sleeps on his back.

Originally Posted by reallyhot View Post
So how big do you pop your tent?
A full one.

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Morning Wood is a common fact of everyday life for me. Some days its more intense than others, but if I'm ever in the presence of company, (excluding someone I'm sleeping with) it can be trouble to hide. Either wait it out, or tuck it up and hope its not noticable.

This photo is rightfully titled in my gallery "Morning Stiffy"

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Anyone who's shared a room with other guys has been in the same situation. It normally goes something like...

"Ha ha. Check it out. VT's got a woody"

"Fuck you. You wanna suck it?" you respond as you slip on your jeans to go take a piss.

Don't worry about it.
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I grew up with 5 brothers - there was always an erection goin' on somewhere, especially in the morning. Let the others deal with it, so long as you're not pursposefully flaunting it. It should be no big deal.

BTW . . . are these European guys? If so, they need to stop bitching how we Americans are so uptight about these things.

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Its just natural I do not know why some people are so freaked out by the hole thing. Does not bother me in the slightest. Let them sleep knowing that when they wake up they get to see your morning wood. Don't hide it keep it on show.
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Account Disabled

Sleep as you normally would (okay pun intended) and don't let it bother you. Those who bitch too much are often jealous!
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i dont know why the othe guys are offended every guy gets morning wood so whats the deal with them
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No need to make a big issue over it. Just sleep as you normally would. Most guys know that morning wood is a natural occurence. One of the reasons the group is separated by gender is that it is expected that guys have the same thing in common and women have things in common. If it continues to bother some of the guys, have them request to sleep in the women's section because they don't fit in with the rest of the males.
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I guess I don't see what those guys have to complain about.
I shared a hostel, last month, in south Ga. with a college guy from Switzerland. I didn't go out of my way to see if he had a morning erection but if he had, oh well, it is natural. It was hot and we slept in the bare minimum. We just didn't make a big deal out of anything.
He was early 20's, I am 50's & female.

They need to build a bridge and get over it!!
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Originally Posted by SpeedoGuy View Post
Snoring is the major source of friction between room-mates in dorms and hostels! I can't understand why someone would be so petty as to be bothered a room-mate's morning wood.
I totally agree. The last time i shared a room with two other guys, one of them snored as loud like a freight train, which pissed me and the other dude off. Morning Wood is no problem compared to snoring.

and with my experience, i've had it, and just waited a while to get out of bed...i still was hard, so i hunched over and got up and used the bathroom. Not a problem at all....

if things are that serious, you could always wear some tighter boxers, though that might lead to some discomfort.

"I feel like every time she wears a skirt, STD's go airborne." - Britney, Big Brother 12
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