JP Calderon :)

J.P. was a contestant on the latest season of Survivor and is more recently on Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Show. On the last episode he is asked to do the cover of a gay magazine

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J.P Calderon (Survivor & Janice Dickinson)

J.P. was a contestant on the latest season of Survivor and is more recently on Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Show. On the last episode he is asked to do the cover of a gay magazine that only features out gay men. The episode ended with him still contemplating on whether or not he should do it. They never say whether he is gay or not. Apparently he is.

What do you think he is packing?
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JP is gay. Supposedly he dated Brad from the same Survivor and was also working at a gay bar in Cal.
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Not the greatest-quality image ever, but what he's wearing is sufficiently tight for a hint of penis:

---> http://www.gayhosting.ru/alex008/jpc.jpg

"I am the whoring mother of whom Leonard and Sweaty Bill speak..."
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Yes JP IS gay. He was on the cover of Instinct mag and you have to be gay. That is revealed on the next janice Dickinson episode wed. jan. 31.
I think he is gorgeous snd very sexy.
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I'm surprised ot learn that JP is gay, but it's a pleasant surprise. :)
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I knew he was gay, but you could tell he was struggling to come out. I remember when I first came out. I stressed out so much, I ended up with an ulcer at 15. I'm so glad those days are over.
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I first noticed him in the Janice Dickison Modelling agency, but then it came to light he also starred in Survivor..... If anyone has any new pictures, it would be deeply appreciated =]

There are plently of nearly nude pictures on google images i just cant seem to get the links on to here....
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Totally irrelevant but nevertheless : YouTube - J.P. Calderon Outs himself in The Janice Dickinson Show
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Just ran across this stunning photo array of J.P. Calderon from Survivor: Cook Islands and a couple of seasons of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. I had forgotten just how handsome (among other things) this 33 yo guy really is. Haven't really heard much about him since he came out in Instinct magazine in early 2007 and completed his JDMA season gig.

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D_Jared Padalicki
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He looks good
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JP is my all time favorite JD find. I almost cried when she asked him about the Instinct cover shoot and he teared up and then came out to her. I have a lot of respect for Janice in the way she handled this. Don't really care for her otherwise, but she gained a star with me during that time.
JP has the prettiest smile, hottest body and appeared to have a great personality.
Wouldn't mind running into him in some dark alleyway.......
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oh, man!

think I'm gonna cry if I don't get me some JP Calderon

Hey! I know what to do with a drunken sailor!

NZ All Blacks rule!

Vancouver Canucks rule!

クジラを救いなさい -- 日本人を銛を打ち込みなさい

西 !
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He is indeed a gorgeous man. But, um...his...um package looks...ah...a little small.
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he may just be the sexiest man I've ever seen. I dont even care if he's small. He's just that hot, and I bet he's a nice guy, from what I've seen on the JD TV show.
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One more w/Dominic from JD Modeling Agency.
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