Is it gay to jack off a friend, or even suck him?

Not only is it Gay, its VERY Gay!

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Not only is it Gay, its VERY Gay!
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Guys are always jacking themselves off solo. And it seems to be a fairly common fantasy to jack off not with just anybody, but with a particular friend. Given those two things, I never understood how mutual masturbation ended up only in the gay bin. It seems like it could go in the straight, bi and gay categories if not equally, easily.
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Originally Posted by BlackRod10Plus View Post
Would this be a gay feat? I have absouletly zero interest in men except for my friend, and from time to time we jack each other off, and are beginning to suck.
Do you really, honest to god, believe you're 100% straight?
Please don't get me wrong, I'm not attacking you.

I only want you to think of the sex. I'm not pretending you to visualise yourself having a relationship with another man. But if you enjoy sex with another man (be it your friend, BFF, neighbour, whoever), then you're not 100% straight. This does not mean that you have to move to the nearest gay village and wear pink feathers on the gay pride parade, it only means you enjoy sex with men (at least one). As a result, you're bisexual at some level which would mean that yes, there is a certain level of homosexuality in sucking or jerking off your male friend. Which has nothing wrong with it, I must say!

But this is just my opinion!

If someone finds otherwise, that would certainly put by bisexuality into perspective! I might be straight! LOL
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If a guy suck another guy, or lets a guy suck him or jerks off a guy/let's a guy jerk him off that is gay.
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Originally Posted by Phil Ayesho View Post
Here's the gayometer for actions performed by men....

Looking at other guy's dicks = gay

Jerking off with other guys = gay

Jerking off other guys = gay

Sucking other guy's dicks = gay

Swallowing other guy's cum after sucking dick = Gay

Sucking spooge from one dick
while being fucked by another dick= GAY

any questions?
Its not even a little gay to look an another guts penis and not that gay to jack off with another guy. otherwise most guys would be gay and the human race would die out.
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um. i think it has to do with intent. it's performing a task like anything else, the way you do it changes the event. i think sometimes the intent is gay and then it is gay to do it. and sometime the intent is friendly and then it is not.
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Originally Posted by Irish View Post
I'm also highly confused by how this is actually a question (and am every time I see it). I didn't think there was much in the way of ambiguity about homoerotic behavior/action.

Is it gay to jack off a friend, or even suck him?
If you're male, yes.

Does it matter?

Does this same rule apply to two women? just asking?
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I would've thought so, yes, lol.
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man, that's such a gay question. of course it is.
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Hmmmm, let me go ask some straight mates that just fuck each other when they're bored if they can tell me.

The phrase 'suck it up' seems to be IN right now.
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In all honesty, does it matter? Do you want someone to tell you that you are gay? If you have to ask then there is some question in your mind about your sexuality?

Straight people do not engage in any sexual activity with members of their own sex.
Bi-sexual people enjoy a little of both to whatever degree.
Gay people enjoy exclusive sex with their own gender.

It is pretty cut and dried, really. If you sucked your friend's cock then you have dabbled in bi-sexual activity. If you stop doing so, and solely have sex with women then you experimented but are straight. If you continue having sex with both, then you are bi. If you stop having sex with women and solely have sex with other men then you are gay.

None of these are judgments, just definitions. If you choose to define your sexuality, then these are the dictionary-type definitions.
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really like Motorcityboy's reply - B who U R & B proud of who U R!!!!
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ENJOY the Cock.
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D_Jared Padalicki
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In my opinion NO. There has to be more to be gay. I won't call it straight either because that doesn't really excist. If you jack off a buddy or even suck him or even more you are a sexual human being that enjoys lots of kind of pleasure. If you are willing to try it, than there isn't a thing wrong with that, it's fun and nice way to have a bond with your friend, more unique than others of your friendships.

For me the level of gay comes in when both are in love with each other, that there is an emotional part involved instead of only the physical part.

For me gay doesn't mean having sex with another gay, for me it means to have emotional feelings for a guy. Everyone has a different opinion on this.

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Not to generalize but I'm sure that a majority of guys would do this if the opportunity arose.
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friend, gay, jack, suck

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