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Cardinal O' Brien

Posted 03-03-2013 at 06:11 PM by Adrian69702006

Cardinal Keith O'Brien, who was forced to stand down last week as Archbishop of St Andrews & Edinburgh has admitted that in the past his sexual conduct fell short of that required for a man of his position. He has apologised to those who have been hurt by his actions and we must allow him at least some credit for that. However this is quite some admission from a senior Roman Catholic churchman and we fear that it may well not be the end of the story. We hope a veil can be drawn over this unsavoury episode but, knowing the modern media as we do, it is difficult to escape a feeling that it might not happen anytime soon. Stories, and particularly stories involving sex, money or the misuse of power, have a habit of running on ad infinitem.

It is interesting that Cardinal O' Brien has himself suggested that the Roman Catholic Church's long standing requirement for clerical celibacy is long overdue for review. We cannot lay the blame for every sex scandal which has racked the Catholic Church at celibacy's door. However we don't doubt that in many cases the demand that priests be celibate (like professed religious) has been a significant contributory factor in such scandals. The world within which the church has to operate has changed a great deal since 1139 and we don't doubt that there is a compelling case for urgent review of the celibacy rule. We hope earnestly that that the new Pope - whoever he is - will give the matter his earnest attention at the earliest possible opportunity.

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    ScotRandom's Avatar
    We don't know what the full details of Cardinal O'Brien's misconduct are & that is something which will no doubt come out in the fullness of time. If they are unsolicited attentions towards people I hope he is man enough to apologise, or take the appropriate punishment.
    Whilst the Catholic Church really do need to review the rule of celibacy for it's priests & nuns as a matter of urgency (especially in this day & age), what O'Brien does need to confront honestly is why try & cover up by denying any misdemeanor? We all have our skeletons in the cupboard & don't like to admit when we've been wrong but when you're caught your caught & you should admit your wrong-doings immediately. Denying it just means adding more disappointment to the folk you have already let down.
    I'm not Catholic but I do hope the Catholic Church do something pragmatic to stop more scandals & save others from going through these ordeals. I also hope Cardinal O'Brien's misconduct is not serious & that a peaceful solution can be found for all concerned.
    Posted 03-03-2013 at 07:13 PM by ScotRandom ScotRandom is offline
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    ruggero's Avatar
    His hypocrisy in his attacks on gays and gay marriage should be exposed not hidden away.
    I hope the media doesn't let him or any other priest off lightly, the damage they do through their continued ignorance and persecution of minorities should be exposed for what it is.
    The whole church is long overdue for an enormous clean up and overhaul.
    The damage they are doing with misinformation about Aids coupled with overpopulation and sexual persecution need to be stopped.
    Posted 03-04-2013 at 10:07 AM by ruggero ruggero is offline
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    vince's Avatar
    Hoping that "a veil can be drawn over this unsavoury episode", is exactly the wrong thing that is needed in these church, or any other abuse cases. The curtains need to be opened and the crimes be exposed to the light of day and the law.

    Civil law must be applied and these churchmen who have engaged in sexual or physical abuse of minors should be called to account and punished if found guilty. As should their colleagues who have covered up their crimes.

    A resignation and withdrawal to a cloister is not enough.
    Posted 03-05-2013 at 04:43 AM by vince vince is offline
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    robbie9's Avatar
    I would feel sympathy for any person who was 'outed' for the sake of it but he said so many harmful, homophobic things that I can feel little or no sympathy for him atall.
    Posted 03-05-2013 at 05:24 AM by robbie9 robbie9 is online now
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    The celibacy requirement for Catholic clergy makes little sense, both biologically and theologically, and eliminating it would put an end to most of the problems. Not all, of course, since we've read of the indiscretions of certain prominent Protestant pastors, but some of those came from swollen egos.

    Catholic churches are closing left and right, and few are entering religious orders. If the Church doesn't make some big changes soon, it will disintegrate. To survive, it must allow clergy to marry, and it must allow women to be ordained. Two huge steps, and I doubt that the present new Pope is up to that task.
    Posted 05-02-2013 at 07:37 PM by Frodo46888 Frodo46888 is offline

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