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I'm Ashamed (part 2)

Posted 2 Days Ago at 01:26 AM by AustinGemini

In my opinion, male bodybuilders should pose in "string" thongs....nothing sexual about that, just exposing as much of the body/muscle as possible while also respectfully covering the penis/balls (to satisfy insecure people or radicals).

In a related topic to being ashamed of your body, I implore guys to PLEASE wear clothes that FIT! You workout in the gym to build a good body, so wear clothes that compliment your build and features!

Too many wear crap that is two sizes too big. Fit bodies should have fit clothes. Shirt-sleeve seams should ride on the shoulder, not mid-arm. Jeans should fit...complimentarily, not baggy making you look like you have almost no ass. Similarly, shorts should be comfortable and enhance your features, not come down to your knees and double as a skirt.

Understand the psychology behind why most wear over-sized clothing; when we were growing-up, Mom would buy us over-sized clothes because we would quickly grow into and out of them. Thus, subconsciously during our impressionable development years we have been "programmed" that wearing over-sized clothes is normal and correct; it is not normal or correct while an adult.

Now that you are an adult and are not growing dramatically, you need to de-program yourself and start wearing clothes that actually FIT your body properly and compliment your features. Don't give the impression that you're ashamed of your body by masking it in drapes of cloth. Wear clothes that compliment your body and enhance the features that you have worked so hard for in the gym!

Iím not saying you should always wear painted-on clothes, but you should wear shirts and pants/shorts that compliment the features you work so hard for and (honestly) admire in others.

In the gym, I wear cut-up shirts as tank-tops so that I can see my muscle movement and also reduce body heat (prolonging my workout). Over time, Iíve noticed that more-&-more guys at my gym are wearing similar cut-up shirts; proving my point that it takes a spark to light a fire for others to become de-sensitized and join in wearing workout shirts that encourage their build. You too can help light a spark, if you can get over your own insecurities to conservatively wear what everybody else is wearing; until someone else breaks the cycle.

In the gym, if you want wear tight spandex during a workout...do it! Honestly, it does feel good (not necessarily sexually) to wear spandex-like shorts in the gym. The freedom of movement and support is appreciated; ergo, why they are worn by many athletes (track, football, etc.). Have you noticed that athletes are not ashamed of the form-fitting? They donít wear shorts over their spandex-like shorts, like so many insecure guys; looking goofy.

It reflects poorly on a guys mental outlook (insecurity) when he wears shorts over his spandex shorts, along with looking silly. Now please donít misunderstand, Iím not one of those who have a spandex fetish, Im just saying that you should wear workout clothes that feel good and are functionally advantageous.

Do you have the courage to wear spandex shorts in the gym? What excuse pops into your brain-washed mind? Hopefully you see my point how you yourself have been unfortunately programmed to be ashamed of your body; you should change that, you can have control over your own fears and insecurities.

If you try spandex-like shorts and appreciate the feel/support, don't be ashamed that your bulge shows or your ass shows too much...be thankful it does! YOU (stress: YOU) should help set the pace by wearing clothes that enhance your features. Remember, do NOT be ashamed of your body! Help break the inane cycle!

Personally, typically on legs day, I do wear spandex-like shorts for the compression/support of the glutes and thighs. For my other days, I typically wear regular workout shorts that fit well (not baggy and long to my knees) without underwear. Now again, I do not have some sort of obsessive fetish about going commando, I would simply like to hang naturally without feeling bunched-up (the opposite of wearing my spandex-type shorts). Can you at times see the head of my cock or my cock-shaft outlined in my shorts; yes, and so what! Again, if you re-read from above, it is OK! All guys have a penis and it is not something to be ashamed of; it is simply anatomy.

To prove the ridiculousness of having to strap down your package so you look gender-neutral, why donít girls have to strap down their breasts so that they look flat-chested like men? Although I have yet to ever be approached by someone commenting that they can see my cock-line, I long for the day that I can say, ďReally, I can see her breasts bulging too; whatís the difference?Ē

(continued in Part 3)

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