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My First Interracial Encounter - Part 2

Posted 2 Days Ago at 03:08 PM by Sactotall

As he encouraged me to sit down further and take more if his cock inside me, I relaxed my legs and lowered but the thickness of his cock was really straining my butthole. It was exciting but getting pretty painful. He noticed my look of frustration and strain and offered me a little bottle. He said take sniff of this stuff..it will help you relax. I opened it and smelled it. It was a little stinky but I took a deeper sniff and immediately felt a warm fuzzy feeling in my head and the noises muffled in my ears. He told me take one more deep sniff and I did. Now the stuff really hit me and I could hear my heart pounding in my ears but even more noticeable was my attention and how it turned to wanting him inside me so badly. I relaxed my legs again and now it seemed easy to slide down on him. I felt his cock stretch out my hole as I slid down him and sat on his lap with him totally inside me. He groaned as he must have felt how snug I was. It felt so good to have my asshole stretched around his thick cock and filled with his every inch. I lifted up and sat back down and felt every vein and ridge of his hard cock slide past my ass lips. He started talking nasty again telling me this is what I needed and to ride his big cock. I started to ride up and down with rhythm and felt my own cock which had been soft while trying to struggle taking him earlier now getting hard. He noticed and again said that a big cock is what I needed and that I could ride it as often as I wanted. He was making me super horny with his talking and I pumped up and down faster in response. He had a hand on each ass cheek and slapped my ass a bit as I rode him. the feeling was incredible as I felt as if he kinda owned me and I couldn't say no to anything he would ask me to do. I kept pumping and then looking back at the tv with the porn and now the white boys were also getting fucked and loving it. We must have been pumping in that position for at least 15 minutes and then he asked if I wanted to try another position. I said yes so he lifted me off him and set me to the side and told me to get on my knees and set my body on an ottoman facing the tv.

He gave me the bottle again and told me to sniff some more which I eagerly did. He oiled up his cock and got behind me and as I watched the white boys get fucked on tv he entered me from behind and again I felt every hard veiny inch enter me. I was in a trance watching the porno and feeling him slam into my ass with the load noise of my cheeks slapping against him and feeling my hole so stretched out around him. The feeling was so intense I felt like I was cumming. I told him I thought I was cumming and he pulled back and looked for a sec and said I was really leaking precum and drippy but not yet cumming. So he plunged back into me and leaned over and now whispered in my ear that since I was dripping so much he could tell I was a true bottom that loved big cocks. My body was made for taking big cocks and that I would learn to love being fucked all the time. His talk was totally messing with my head and as I continued in the trance I knew he was right.

He then told me to take another sniff of his bottle and I did and then he leaned in again and told me that he would train me to become a cock whore and take many big cocks at the same time. This put me over the edge and I began to cum at the thought of being fucked and f***ed to suck many guys. But while I came he just kept pumping me. It felt incredible to cum while my ass was stretched out. My hole gripped and released him over and over and he could feel it and let out a groan...but he just kept pumping as I came all over the floor.

To be continued.....

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