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Bonds underwear Australia

Posted 1 Hour Ago at 05:28 PM by 234nick

Hey guys
Can you guys just post any pics or porn videos that have bonds underwear in them. They just make me really horny and I haven't been able to find anything,
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More than Just a Big Dick Site

Posted 8 Hours Ago at 11:09 AM by Betty_Cocker
Updated 7 Hours Ago at 11:48 AM by Betty_Cocker

I am still being asked "so... why are YOU here?" I don't get offended by this question because it is a legit question. Sometimes I chuckle to myself because the answer to this Q has changed several times over the course of my stint here.

1. To look at big dicks (as my husband put it... so I wouldn't get bored at home.) HA! But all my life I'd never seen a real one (except in magazines and porn) Needless to say, I've learned quite a bit since those first na´ve days.
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Honk if You're Horny.

Posted 8 Hours Ago at 10:47 AM by markspark50

I was just driving down a country road behind another car. The driver of which, I'd seen earlier, was a hot, blonde, twenty-something year old girl. Now on the back window of said car was a fairly large sticker of some puckered lips with the caption "Honk if you're horny!".

Now let's be honest, I'm horny pretty much all the time and, like I said, she was a good looking girl. So I just decided to give it a go; quick three whacks on the car horn. Nothing too obnoxious....
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