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Back to the Big 10! Part 3- UPDATE

Posted 6 Hours Ago at 12:07 AM by SeanGriffin
Updated 3 Hours Ago at 03:21 AM by SeanGriffin

Ok, If I thought I was horny and excited before, well let's just say that's just gone up exponentially during the last two hours or so I've been here at their Sorority house. Since it's the last weekend before finals there are wild blow-out parties going on all over this friggin place. Having the largest Greek contingent in the country definitely had it's advantages, both in attitude and what you can get away with I think. There was the official "masked social" going on which started before...
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Posted 8 Hours Ago at 10:17 PM by zeone3000

Taking it to the floor was met with great success. Still can't go all out though, otherwise get that skin on skin noise. I like it, she might too but it is very audible. No bueno.

She really wasn't in the mood the next time she came over rhough. Got my first reach around though. It was nice. Really need to work on curbing my expectations. Possibly is not a guaranteed yes in the future.

Either way, sent her dick pic yesterday. Also met with more success then I thought...
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Back to the Big 10! Part 2

Posted 17 Hours Ago at 12:57 PM by SeanGriffin
Updated 15 Hours Ago at 03:21 PM by SeanGriffin

I just got back from a really nice long run along lake Michigan this morning. My grandparents wore me the hell out yesterday. Golfing with granddad and his buddies took an eternity. Then my Grandmother had to take me shopping for clothes down in the city (Magnificent mile of course). As this was going to be my Birthday present it turned out to be a pretty serious event as you can well imagine. I got measured for 3 new suits as well as a tuxedo at a shop called Balani (which was pretty fantastic...
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