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Son catches father jacking off

Posted 10-19-2010 at 07:46 AM by Mr_Thick2you

Alright this one happen about a year or so ago but since everyone like the one how my son walked in on me and my wife I thought people would enjoy this one.

Alight i am 46 and married, my wife and I still enjoy a healthy sex life... however like all men sometimes when we are alone we enjoy doing it manually.

It was one afternoon that i decided to finsih my day at the home rather than the office. I do this about 2 times a week where I go home for lunch around noon and stay the rest of the day. On this day it happen to be when my wife was out for the day working on something, and I was home alone, becasue all the kids were at school. Home alone perfect for a nice jerk sess... I was in my home office and I do my normal procedure, I drop my pants and underwear to my ankles and log on to redtube.com... I start to upload two or three videos I can watch during this nice rub... I had the volume on and then in walks my SON! Are you serious arent I supposed to walk in on you??? It had to be hard for him to see me because we were facing one another and my desk was in the way.. but i had the volume at a moderate level and my pants were at my ankles.... In shock I grab my pants pull them up and quickly turn off the volume on the comp and X out of the website... my son meanwhile quickly closed the door... I forgot that since my son was a senior he was able to come home for lunch... Embaressed I decided to just stay in my office because I felt so awkward and just continue to do my work. I did not leave my office until my son finished his lunch and made his way back to school.

I didnt see him until later that night and we did not speak about it... It was not till the next day I was driving him to his soccer practice and in car the mood was very awkward... I turn to him and say "Son sorry about the other day, I thought I was home alone" he replied, "Dad its cool" and then that was that... we never mentioned it again. Oh walking in on people behind closed doors can be very bad.

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    what a shocker. But how often does it happen? heaps. I walked in on my 30 yo son the other day starkers in front of comp obviously flogging the log. My blue- door was shut I should have respected that.

    he has stuck his head around my office door a few times when I have been in compromising positions- he would have to be deaf dumb and blind (and DEAD) not to have figured out what I was doing.

    WIFE walked into my office once at 5 am when I was having a grand ole cam 2 cam with a guy I had met in motel here once or twice- now THAT was awkward- she let out a gasp and vanished really fast. I think what stunned me was that barring natural disasters and childbirth I don't think I have EVER seen her up that early.

    ah well the stuff of life...
    Posted 10-19-2010 at 07:57 AM by D_Philochris Backway D_Philochris Backway is offline
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    ScotRandom's Avatar
    This gave me a chuckle over my lunch break as I read this on my iPhone. I'm waiting for the day I get engrossed & sloppy & someone from work catches me pervin pics on here.
    Posted 10-19-2010 at 08:53 AM by ScotRandom ScotRandom is offline
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    runew2this2's Avatar
    your son is getting one heck of an education. . what about me?
    Posted 10-19-2010 at 10:32 AM by runew2this2 runew2this2 is offline

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