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The Deadliest Catch.

Posted 4 Hours Ago at 11:41 PM by EvilFairy

I just suffered through one of the most agonizingly boring hours of my life, only to learn that the Deadliest Catch isn't at all about dudes getting STD's from hookers. Seriously, can there be more boring show?
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Bursting the Easter eggs II-updated

Posted 4 Hours Ago at 11:19 PM by SeanGriffin
Updated 1 Hour Ago at 02:14 AM by SeanGriffin

It's all getting pretty imminent at this point. Just a quick post as several guys from my workout posse and I are meeting up at Slattery's (pub) at around 11:130 or so. Fortunately it's only a block away from my building so I can walk it. I just got back from what will be my last swim workout before my trip. I actually had to wear a regular mid thigh-length (dark grey) bathing suit tonight. The speedos just weren't going to work. My bulge has seriously gotten that "full". So of course...
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naughty kinky

Posted 1 Day Ago at 02:57 AM by kezzy

i just love being naughty submissive kinky slut especially when your making me squirt, i also love being tied up pinned down hair pulled getting spanked i also love it deep and rough too so i don't mind lots of things the only thing i won't do is watersports though im curious about it but would never drink someones pee so you could do anything to me as long as you make me squirt and lick my tight pussy too. you could completly tie me up so i can't move unless you move me also my favourite position...
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Rebellous Spirit

Posted 1 Day Ago at 08:23 PM by LadyinPink
Updated 1 Hour Ago at 02:15 AM by LadyinPink

When I was a little girl...I hated dresses. I hated the color pink and I hated almost anything that identified me as "female". I wore girl's clothing...just not girly clothing. I climbed trees and played with boys...rather than playing house. I was a rebel.

As I got older I took pink to mean something completely different. Pink was sexual...erotic. Pink became what represented my sexuality. I wore pink to show that I embraced my curves and loved sex. So I am the lady in...
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Hypospadias Cocks - occurrence

Posted 1 Day Ago at 04:12 PM by love2compare

Did you know that 1-2 out of 1000 boys will be born with a hypospadias cock?

Thanks God I only got a grade 1 - the surgeries helped me a lot!
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