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Posted 22 Hours Ago at 05:54 PM by fisherman7by5

Had to break out the flannel
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Her morning voice

Posted 1 Day Ago at 05:47 PM by twoton

I had to leave the office early today. Being stressed that there was a lot to get done, I rushed out of the house this morning and arrived at work nearly an hour early, at 7AM. No one else was scheduled to arrive before 8 or 8:30.

Shortly after I got settled in, the receptionist's phone rang. All the other times I had been in before anyone else I didn't pick up. For one, we have voicemail. For two, 99 percent of the time it's someone leaving a voicemail that they won't be in...
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Much better than Church on Sunday morning - probably

Posted 3 Days Ago at 02:24 PM by SeanGriffin

It's about 10:30 a.m or so and I'm just barely aware that I'm probably dreaming. I keep seeing this tall skyscraper building about to be sucked into this huge Alien spacecraft. It looks like something out of that old movie "Independence Day". But instead of blowing up the building these huge doors open on the bottom of the spacecraft which then starts to slowly sink down engulfing the skyscraper. It's her fingernails digging into the side of my admittedly rather spectacular morning hardon...
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Adrianna Nicole and Ice Cold with Dereck

Posted 3 Days Ago at 11:49 AM by coachsportif

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Austin Taylor and Wesley Pipes

Posted 3 Days Ago at 11:38 AM by coachsportif

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