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Huge Load

Posted 2 Hours Ago at 10:04 PM by kelefel

Originally Posted by SlamminSammy View Post
Good for him for getting to work with her multiple times.

He cums nice loads
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new girlfriend

Posted 2 Hours Ago at 09:42 PM by kelefel

Originally Posted by bimmer210 View Post
"He felt a wince of pain from his groin as he rolled over, he had accidentally squished one of his balls in the process."..

Hal moaned a little bit from the pain and reached down with both hands to adjust himself. He liked to sleep on his front, but he had to drape his cock and balls out to one side to do so. Luckily it was long enough that most of his package could stick out to one side when he lay like that.

He bumped in to someone and noticed he wasn't alone
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muscle and fitness

Posted 15 Hours Ago at 08:53 AM by scottweaver

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My First Interracial Encounter - Part 2

Posted 2 Days Ago at 03:08 PM by Sactotall

As he encouraged me to sit down further and take more if his cock inside me, I relaxed my legs and lowered but the thickness of his cock was really straining my butthole. It was exciting but getting pretty painful. He noticed my look of frustration and strain and offered me a little bottle. He said take sniff of this stuff..it will help you relax. I opened it and smelled it. It was a little stinky but I took a deeper sniff and immediately felt a warm fuzzy feeling in my head and the...
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Sex with others in the room?

Posted 2 Days Ago at 11:55 AM by SurecockHolmes999

Have done it a few times on New Years eve and at parties. It's kind of amazing--a lot of fun.
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