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Veronica Avluv and Billy Glide - big cock and squirting pussy

Posted 10 Minutes Ago at 08:41 PM by sdwabd

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like a married couple?

Posted 23 Minutes Ago at 08:28 PM by twoton

I called our two newest employees up to my office to give them a heads-up about a change in personnel policies. On paper, they'll be negatively affected more than our older folks, but I'm going to make some arrangements so that they're o.k.

Marjorie asked if I wanted her to sit in, because she'll be involved. I said sure.

It all went a-o.k. Especially when Marjorie talked over me and finished my sentences. Which got a laugh from the two new staff, especially the young...
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Suck and Fuck Turns to Fisting Session

Posted 6 Hours Ago at 02:41 PM by Sactotall

Just got back from a new FWB hook up and as I write this I can still feel my engorged asslips puffing out...wow what a great feeling.

I went over to a guys house last night around 10 for some good suck and fuck action. Nice guy, around 48, trimmed beard, in shape with a little gut but awesomely thick cock..not long but wrist thick for sure. I started off with my usual favorite thing to do, getting in between his legs while he laid back on the sofa and suck and lick his cock and...
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Putting the X back into Christmas!

Posted 8 Hours Ago at 12:16 PM by SeanGriffin

When it rains it rains, but when it snows it pussy-pours! Which is a pretty good thing since my parents (and horn dog BROTHER) are supposed to be arriving here Monday afternoon to help completely ruin my Holidays. Yes, my mother is completely well enough to travel (1st class) and shop! She's not quite well enough to cook or redecorate the spare room here. but I'm of course very happy she's recovered from her car accident so well nonetheless. This weekend is shaping up to be a quite a pussy splurge...
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Any ladies want to skype w me?

Posted 1 Day Ago at 07:39 PM by Eroticknight

So I just joined skype! Looking to have some fun!
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