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Sending unsolicited penis pictures.

Posted 14 Hours Ago at 10:58 PM by ManofThunder

Greetings, all! I hope you're well. I've had something on my mind recently. It's about penis pictures.

Men, please - stop sending pictures of your penis to random people. This could also apply to many other body-parts, but let's be honest - penis pictures are the most common. It makes you (and all men), look stupid. Even on LPSG, where you might expect to see penises - being sent links to random penis pictures can get annoying. But in the real world, it is (more often than not) completely...
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Kitsap county and Seattle

Posted 21 Hours Ago at 04:20 PM by JohnsonHunter

I thought if start a new thread and
See who's currently on the west side. Let's get together, discuss, share, play!
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This is REALLY likely to get me into trouble---maybe.

Posted 23 Hours Ago at 01:52 PM by SeanGriffin
Updated 18 Hours Ago at 06:53 PM by SeanGriffin

I had Chipotle barking at the side of my bed at 6:00 a.m. Which meant of course that I'd overslept by a half hour and wouldn't be able to get my full workout in before work. As I have a triathlon in about a month that I don't want to miss (or rather not do poorly in) I did the only sensible thing and had the full workout anyway, showing up a half hour late for work. Which nobody really minds around here on a Monday-- usually. But of course when I arrive late this particular morning I find full scale...
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TWC busts pussy

Posted 1 Day Ago at 08:30 PM by Storslaget

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Julian Rios...a ladies favorite big cock as evident in the video compilation

Posted 1 Day Ago at 04:49 PM by sdwabd

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