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I am happy Prof X is dead

Posted 2 Days Ago at 09:09 PM by Sklar

I am a huge comic book geek. I won't lie about it. I alternate between who I like better: Marvel or DC. It comes and goes.

My favorite comic from Marvel is the X-Men series. There have been some great stories and some really crappy stories.

Right now, I just want to talk about how the mutant community is treating Cyclops.

For those of you who don't know, Cyclops, who was possessed by the Phoenix force, killed Professor Xavier.

Now, all the X-Men hate Cyclops for killing Professor Xavier. My question to them is:


Professor Xavier was not a nice guy, no matter what you want to believe.

While in the womb, with his twin sister, Cassandra, he attacked and killed his sister, causing his mother to miscarriage.

His reason for doing this was he knew she was evil.

Years later, his sister, comes back as a psychic entity and attacks the x men and Professor Xavier. Xavier says that proves his point that she was evil. I say that she is seeking revenge for him trying to kill her in the womb. If he wouldn't have attacked her and killed her and caused their mother to miscarriage, she could have grown up to be a productive member of society.

When he firsts forms the X-Men and Jean Grey, who at that time is 13 - 15, joins the team, he has a thought balloon that, today, would get him arrested as a pedophile. Luckily, that was just in one frame of the comic book and never mentioned again until years later during the Onslaught story line.

Years later, when the original X-Men were captured by Karkatoa, he seeks out other mutants to try and rescue them, one of them being Cyclops brother, Vulcan.

That team was untrained and thrown into the battle and thought to have been killed, to a man. Turns out two of them, Vulcan and Darwin survived. We don't find out about this until years later.

Does Professor Xavier tell Cyclops, oh by the way, you have another brother out there and I accidentally got him killed. No, he keeps it a secret and Vulcan comes back and wrecks havoc all over the place before being killed by Black Bolt during the War of Kings story.

Now, a few months after the new X-Men replace the old X-Men, Professor Xavier, his dark side, attacks the team (X-Men #106). Good Professor X is able to take control of his abilities again and ends the battle.

Not a single person is concerned that the man with powerful telepathic abilities is showing a dark side. My guess for this is the good professor manipulated them into forgetting about that.

So things go along for a while and Jean Grey becomes Phoenix. She can't control her power and is able to get off Earth and over to Shi'ar space.

There, she eats a star, causing it to go nova, killing the planet D'bari, killing over 5 million people.

The X-men find out about this and fight Phoenix, with the help of Prof X. Long story short, Jean/Phoenix dies.

Now here, again, is a major moral value flaw of the X-Men. They KNOW she killed a planet. They still fight the Imperial Guard who want to try her for her crimes.

Cyclops, possessed by the Phoenix, kills Prof X and everyone blames him.

I guess it's okay to kill a planet of aliens but kill someone we know, it's not ok.

Okay, slight divergent. Back to why I am happy Prof X is dead.

Somewhere between x-Men 144 - 150, the X-Men team up with the Micronaughts, from the Microverse.

It seems that some entity is systematically destroying solar systems.

Shocker, it turns out to be Prof X's evil side getting out of control.

After 4 issues, the only way they can stop him is, again, the good prof, fakes a stroke and scares his bad self back into hiding.

Uncounted solar systems perished due to bad Prof X. What do the X-Men do about it, the second time?


Reason: My guess is good Prof X mind wiped them again.

So, years later, Magneto is getting more powerful and more dangerous. Professor X now leads a crack team of X-Men against Magneto.

In the ensuing battle, Prof X wins only by mind blasting/wiping Magneto and removing all memories and traces of his personality. Leaving him in a comatose state.

By doing that, he unknowingly allowed his evil self to start to take control and create the entity known as Onslaught.

Onslaught killed thousands and was only defeated by the sacrifice of the Avengers, Fantastic Four and other hero's. Who were then, in turn, saved by Franklin Richards.

Now, Prof X has a son with someone he had an affair with: Gabrielle Haller. His son has almost unlimited psychic power and, shocker, he is a multiple personality. To be fair, Prof X never knew about his son until New Mutants #27 or 28, sometime in that time frame. This is years later.

So now that he knows he has a son (Legion), who is a mutant and who, not only can't control his power, he can't control his personality, Prof X barely does anything to help him. He sends him to Moria McTaggart and foists him off onto her.

Now, years later, Legion was able to integrate his personalities on his own but then used his power to erase his existence from the world except for his girlfriend, Blindfold.

At some point in time, the Shi'ar lend Prof X technology so he can rebuild his school and the danger room. Everything goes smooth until the danger room becomes sentient. Prof X knows this and instead of helping a new life form grow and gain independence, he keeps her locked up as the danger room.

Because of this, Danger, kills one of the new students before being able to escape to freedom.

Danger and Prof X eventually have a reckoning, meaning they talked and set everything straight. Yet, because of his actions, one of his students died.

Again, no accountability.

Sometime, while Prof X was confined to his wheelchair, he has another moral/ethical lapse of judgment and marries Mystique, a shape changer that has tried to kill him and the x men on numerous occasions.

Now, their son from the future has come back to the past to kill not only the X-Men but the original X-Men whom the Beast has convinced to come to the future to save the mutant community from Cyclops.

So, yeah, I'm glad Prof X is dead. He should have been held accountable a long time ago.

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  1. Old Comment
    Naughty Teacher's Avatar
    But will he stay dead? Thats the problem with comic books.
    Posted 2 Days Ago at 08:53 AM by Naughty Teacher Naughty Teacher is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Kimahri's Avatar
    I am very very impressed with your knowledge on this. It's been years since I've even thought about half what you wrote. As I'm reading, I'm mentally thinking.."Yeah...he did do that"
    Posted 1 Day Ago at 11:10 PM by Kimahri Kimahri is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Sklar's Avatar
    Naughty Teacher, I fully expect them to bring him back at some point. The Human Torch wasn't even dead 2 years before they brought him back.
    Posted 1 Day Ago at 12:48 AM by Sklar Sklar is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Fuzzy_'s Avatar
    Great point about how the X-Men gave Jean the benefit of the doubt but were quick to blame Scott for his actions -- even though both events were apparently caused by the Phoenix force controlling them.
    Posted 1 Day Ago at 08:22 AM by Fuzzy_ Fuzzy_ is offline
  5. Old Comment
    MisterVIP's Avatar
    Comics, interesting as they are, tend to be disjointed messes anyway. Retcon here, revision there, pretend it never happened here... not much for consistency and continuity, probably thanks to new writers with little respect for the material they inherit.
    Posted 1 Day Ago at 08:52 AM by MisterVIP MisterVIP is offline
  6. Old Comment
    Cyclops was right!
    Posted 1 Day Ago at 03:33 PM by irishcyke irishcyke is offline

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