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Much better than Church on Sunday morning - probably

Posted 3 Days Ago at 02:24 PM by SeanGriffin

It's about 10:30 a.m or so and I'm just barely aware that I'm probably dreaming. I keep seeing this tall skyscraper building about to be sucked into this huge Alien spacecraft. It looks like something out of that old movie "Independence Day". But instead of blowing up the building these huge doors open on the bottom of the spacecraft which then starts to slowly sink down engulfing the skyscraper. It's her fingernails digging into the side of my admittedly rather spectacular morning hardon that are both hurting like a motherfuck and waking me up. I can tell she's been up for a bit because its clear she's not only taken a quick shower but has also let Chipotle out of the guest bathroom. He's whimpering and pawing against my bedroom door like crazy and needs to go out for his morning excursion SOON. She's already managed to work her swollen pussy lips over the cock head and a good 4 inches of the shaft. Which given that she was never able to manage more than about 6 inches during the night's fuck is pretty commendable. Then in one sudden moment of apparent extreme horniness and near Herculaen effort she manages to take in almost 3 inches more of my cock. I know just what to do and begin working my hips like a bronco bull. She can take it for only about 2 minutes before she lets out one of those screaming painful sounding orgasms that girls always say are what they in fact live for. I in fact expect them to give birth at any moment. But since my housekeeper isn't scheduled to come again until Tuesday am really glad this girl doesn't in fact give birth on my bed.

I'd managed to stop my cumming after only about 6 thrusts when I'd fucked her earlier, but she still had commented on how much she felt inside her. I had only been able to manage that because her wonderful pussy had in fact been as tight as a vice and my strokes were kept so shallow (for me) because of it. I'd treated her at the start to some pretty championship cunnilingus that lasted for about 50 minutes non-stop. She REALLY, REALLY, wanted to give me head and was both disappointed and also turned on by the fact that I was too large for her to do so. I was disappointed by the fact that I wasn't able to really give her the fucking I wanted to (since she was so tight). Still my orgasm nearly sent me into spasms, it was just that fucking good. The concirege has seen that she got the Hotel Limo ride home. Chipotle and I have just returned from our morning run, and I'm just thinking of the whole night and morning as a small prequel and warm up for the week to come.

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    That's my boy Sean!!!
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