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Hot Couple at the Nude Beach (continued)

Posted 2 Days Ago at 03:44 PM by sohungry898
Updated 2 Days Ago at 03:47 PM by sohungry898

Sadly, last summer was drawing to a close, and my wife and I were only able to get back to the nude beach one more time. Fortunately, the hot couple that we had met earlier were also there that day.

Despite our very comfortable, friendly interactions with them during our previous encounter, it still would have felt a bit presumptuous for us to plop down right next to them, so we put our stuff down in our favorite spot, which was about 50 feet away from them.

When my wife and I took a walk down the beach in their direction, we had a lengthy conversation with them. They did not interact with other people on the beach at all, but they really seemed to enjoy us. Later, when we went into the water, they joined us. Damn, the wife was so damn hot! I wanted to fuck her so so bad. And as for him, he was just about the most wife-worthy guy imaginable. God, how I longed to see his thick cock stretching my wife’s tight juicy cunt!

I still could not be certain that their interest in us had a sexual dimension. Surely they must have noticed that I got semi-erect whenever I was around them, and that did not seem to put them off in any way.

We told them that this was to be our last day at the beach, and they seemed genuinely disappointed.

Later, when it was time for my wife and me to pack up and leave, I suggested to her that we walk over to say a final good-bye to the couple. Just as we were starting over, the woman did not notice us and walked down to the water. So we spoke with the guy on his towel for a couple of minutes before saying “so long.” The way he happened to be sitting, his cock was mostly hidden. But I did get a couple of glimpses of a portion of it, and the wrinkles were gone! This guy had a most impressive and girthy semi!

We went back to our stuff and finished packing up. The woman had gone back to her towel from the water, and then she immediately bounded over to us to say good-bye. She told us their first names, and we told her ours. She embraced each of us affectionately, bare body to bare body. Jesus, was I ever turned on.

Needless to say, all winter long I fantasized about this couple, hoping that the relationship would develop much further this summer when we returned to the nude beach.

(to be continued)

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    Got me breathing hard, can't wait for the next installment. I like your style.
    Posted 2 Days Ago at 04:11 PM by dick12262 dick12262 is offline

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