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I'm Ashamed (part 1)

Posted 2 Days Ago at 01:25 AM by AustinGemini

An article that I wrote for a bodybuilding website. Feel free to forward it to others that may benefit.

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I am concerned that society has become too sensitive about showing muscle development or even an athletic build. Remember that bodybuilders were once prohibited to wear "Speedo-like" trunks when posing (compare the 1950s to today). Remember that the original Olympians competed naked...to show their muscle development. Today, if you show a little butt (glut development) in a shot or while posing, someone usually complains (if youre a guy they do).

I'm not saying that we should all expose ourselves in a blatant sexual manner (creating offense to some), but all should be reminded that the human body is a work of art and is not obscene.

As the human race evolved, covering the body became less of a practical function when needed, and more of a required masking. Originating from a handful of religious radicals, the male and female "attributes" became labeled obscene. The mind-set continued to be cultivated by those in power, evolving to where we are today; ashamed of our bodies and feeling a need to cover/mask ourselves.

Although the human body is beautiful and an incredible model from God, great artists like Michelangelo have fallen prey by having to change their artwork due to ridiculous thoughts of others. After Michelangelo had painted his great work on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, the Pope ordered him to modify and cover all male/female attributes. In resentment, Michelangelo was forced to paint ribbons of cloth over all attributes. Instead of glorifying God’s creation, the church cultivated the mind-set that we should be ashamed of our body’s features by masking it.

It is the programmed social discomfort with gender-specific parts of the human anatomy that exposure, partial exposure, or even suggestive displays are titillating, tantalizing, and often arousing. If gender-specific attributes were not deemed so shocking, we wouldn’t be so sensitive; after all, residents of nudist facilities are rarely publicly aroused once they have acclimated to their surroundings.

Although there is gradual desensitization in today’s society about male/female attributes, the masking of our bodies in most situations still holds-true today. Think about the next time you may be in the gym locker-room walking to/from the shower, your mind is programmed to wrap a towel around yourself. Why? Are you ashamed? Is there any more of an appropriate environment to not have to wrap a towel around you? You can see the result of hundreds of years of programming (brain-washing) by society that the body should be masked.

To those who workout to get a better body (honoring it), I believe it is our duty to help de-sensitize society. Understand that bulges, breasts, a penis, or a butt-crack is a natural part of human anatomy...it is not an obscene thing!

If you believe you see a guy's penis and balls in their shorts, so what!? It's OK. It is simply human anatomy; it's OK...it's not obscene. Similarly, if a bodybuilder shows his glutes (ass) in a pose, should you scream that he is being indecent, obscene, or revealing too much? NO! He is showing the muscle development. Somehow shoving the back of his posing trunks up his crack is OK, but wearing a thong is not. The thong apparently shows "too much." Too much what...muscle? Folks need to calm down and not be so uptight...it's just the human form, appreciate it!

I encourage all to be more accepting and realize that the body is not something to be ashamed of, especially from those who honor their bodies by being fit. Be proud of your development; and moreover, allow others to be proud too.

I find it hypocritical when guys approve of women wearing thongs while posing, but if a guy wears a thong, he is called a derogatory name or other insult-intended comment. I dont hear guys yelling at the women in thongs as Lesbians! You probably see the hypocrisy and male insecurity by guys believing that any male-male admiration is homosexual. Even if it was homosexual, if the intent is not blatantly sexual, then so what!

(continued in Part 2)

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