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Her morning voice

Posted 3 Days Ago at 05:47 PM by twoton

I had to leave the office early today. Being stressed that there was a lot to get done, I rushed out of the house this morning and arrived at work nearly an hour early, at 7AM. No one else was scheduled to arrive before 8 or 8:30.

Shortly after I got settled in, the receptionist's phone rang. All the other times I had been in before anyone else I didn't pick up. For one, we have voicemail. For two, 99 percent of the time it's someone leaving a voicemail that they won't be in that day. For three, I was never sure how to answer it. Which button do I push?

I was in a joking mood, and figured "what the hell?' and answered.

"Hello!" thought I'd startle the caller expecting voicemail.
The surprised voice on the other end asked, "Twoton?!"

( you know who it was, otherwise I wouldn't be posting this)

"What...are you there to make up time because you're leaving early?"

"Hey, we always start early here!" I replied.

"Well, I was supposed to leave early today and <something about "Thanksgiving at my house," and "too much to do."> so I won't be in today."

She has an adorable sleepy morning voice. Light, dry, a little squeaky. <sigh>

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  1. Old Comment
    Betty_Cocker's Avatar
    awww damn! I thought you were gonna finally post something sexy about your wife's morning voice!

    Posted 3 Days Ago at 07:16 PM by Betty_Cocker Betty_Cocker is offline
  2. Old Comment
    twoton's Avatar
    You mean like, "Wrrrr's hmmm cfffffee?"
    Posted 3 Days Ago at 08:17 PM by twoton twoton is offline
  3. Old Comment
    SprinkleMe69's Avatar
    ^^^^^ Hahahaha funny!
    Posted 2 Days Ago at 03:35 AM by SprinkleMe69 SprinkleMe69 is offline

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