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Strolling 2

Posted 20 Hours Ago at 05:14 PM by Notlrac

she walked For half a kilometre, following the curve of the shore. The top of the beach, where the sand became dry, was soft and cool on her feet. The hot sun soothed away the stress of the day. Even the crows in the distance sounded sweet in this calm place of beauty. She was immersed in the blue of the sky, the golden sand, the blue river and the green of the murmuring aspens.


She startled. Her name? Out here? How?

She had been so intent on the view across the water that she had nearly walked by a couple on her left. They were laying in a small bowl-shaped depression in the sand, left behind when the river went down.

"Amber!" She replied, with a curious tone. It was good to see her good friend, but not a side of her she had seen before. She seemed to have four legs, two of them rather hairy, and she was topless, no, naked! And then she realized she was not alone on the blanket. The man laying under her hiked his torso up on his elbows and looked around Amber's rather large and very sweaty breast, smiling at the sight of this newcomer.

He blushed. Becky blushed, and Amber laughed. She rocked her hips and that was when Becky saw what was happening. They were fucking right here on the beach!

"I'm sorry..." She began to say, but Amber cut her off. "It's ok, out here anything goes. ANYTHING." "Feel free to go, stay, watch... Join in? Find someone if you like, or anything."

Becky felt very warm. "Really?" She said, and sank to her knees in the soft sand. A quick look around reassured her they were alone on the beach. "Amber," she said, with a quiver in her voice, "I, well, I always marvelled at your breasts. Could I kiss them?"

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