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Lpsg.....everyone Please Read!!!!

Posted 07-14-2008 at 12:14 AM by unabear09

I really love this site....God's honest truth. I have just found that the increased bitching, fighting, and so forth has gotten to the point that it is just about all you see. I came here to not only enjoy looking at big cocks, but to learn about myself, my body, and other men, and what they experience/do sexually, mentally and physically. Here lately, it seems that every other thread is about rating a cock, or look at this porn or stuff along those lines. There is nothing wrong with this, its just I want to talk/chat/post about something more meaningful.

I have found out so much about myself, my body, and my sexuality here. To quote 14x8thck: "Thanx to the LPSG, I no longer think I am crazy," and for me, no truer words have ever been spoken. Before I came to this site, I was so confused about my sexuality. The lines of pleasure/homosexuality were so obscured, I thought I was gay (nothing wrong with that), yet I still had this overwhelming desire/need to be with women, and to mate and have offspring. I thought I had lost my mind. I found out that the thoughts, feelings, and pleasures I enjoy from my body are normal. I love anal play from time to time, but before discovered this site, I thought I was gay. But after spending countless hours on this site, I found out that there are lots of men who love anal play, and are just about as straight as they come.

The reason why I have said all of this is because I feel that so many other young guys are missing out on the information/opinions that were available to me when I joined up. I think that there is a huge segment of the younger 'population' on this site come here struggling with their sexuality. They seeking answers about themselves, and, like me, are (were in my case) confused about their bodies, and the continuing changes going on to them post puberty (continued hair growth, new hair growth, sexual performance, genitalia growth, etc.) that weren't discussed in health class or by our parents. I don't know about the rest of the men and women on here, but I thought once I passed 18 or 19, my body was set, and that the way it was at that age was what I was stuck with (so to speak) until old age, when our bodies start slowing down and slowly loosing functionality. When I hit 20 and started growing hair on my back, I still was growing in height, and my penis was still growing (slowly but surely....and I was very happy about that lol), I was really confused, as I had been told throughout adolescence that by 18 or so, I would be done growing.

The reason why I say all of this is to try to get the point across to others on this site, that fighting and rating cocks is not the sole goal on this site. This site is unique, in that it gives other people the opportunity to discuss themselves, their bodies, and their sexuality, with a sense of anonymity that what they say here most likely won't be brought up in the 'real world.' I feel that we are doing a great disservice to others (especially the newbies) by showing them right off the bat, that we are argumentative, insensitive, and obsessed with showing off/judging others cocks and balls.

Lets bring back the LPSG of old, and start supporting each other instead of tearing each other apart.

I hope I haven't offended anyone...as that is not my intent. I'm here to let everyone (mods included) know how I feel about this site. lol Hopefully I won't get banned (j/k...well I don't want to get banned, but I think you know what I mean lol), and maybe just maybe some good will come out of it.

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    Principessa's Avatar


    Thank you for this blog! I agree, there has been far too much bitching and bickering lately.

    I'm glad you have been able to learn about your own sexuality and be comfortable with it. I hope that new and future members will be able to do the same. We seem to have forgotten the 'S' stands for support lately.
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 12:39 AM by Principessa Principessa is offline
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    penisworship's Avatar
    hey...i love your post and am a new member...I enjoy the blogs! and do my best to give imput...maybe this is just a fad...in the community of lpsg?? maybe there needs to be some kind of moderator...? maybe some rules? idk...but I see ALOT of good posts...new posts...that dont include "rate my cock" ...I am so happy that this sight could calm you in your self-picking...and questioning...It is wonderful you have grown comfortable with your desires...and believe me! there are ALOT of women who enjoy anal play too...doesn't make you gay...it feels good...and the right stroking of the prostate can give you an orgasm with no penile stimulation...pretty cool...I had tried to get a lover to explore this..but he was too worried about what that kind of stimulation would make him? You are openminded and curious! a perfect lover! smiles

    Hope you continue to get the support you need from this site! (hug)
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 12:46 AM by penisworship penisworship is offline
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    Rock on Bear!
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 01:15 AM by D_Jurgen Klitgaard D_Jurgen Klitgaard is offline
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    Notthe7's Avatar
    What a shitty blog.

    pun intended.
    (means im KIDDING!)

    I agree but at the same time...
    Gotta' get use to it...
    LPSG has its tides of shit from time to time.
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 01:41 AM by Notthe7 Notthe7 is offline
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    Posted 07-14-2008 at 03:01 AM by D_Geffarde Phartsmeller D_Geffarde Phartsmeller is offline
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    Good post.
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 03:17 AM by D_Portelay Porquesword D_Portelay Porquesword is offline
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    Here here!!!

    Posted 07-14-2008 at 05:19 AM by got_lost got_lost is offline
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    Cheers, brother
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 06:23 AM by Nrets Nrets is offline
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    [B][COLOR=blue]I agree 100 % Bear.[/COLOR][/B]
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 07:25 AM by B_JasonDawgxxx B_JasonDawgxxx is offline
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    About time somebody said it.
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 07:48 AM by Viking_UK Viking_UK is offline
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    Runco's Avatar
    I agree with you completely. I have only been here for just over two weeks and I have already been sandbagged by two posters for daring to have an opinion that did not concur with their own! Needless to say, they are on my ignore list! I also agree that the countless posts about rating pictures and looking at porn are tired now but I think the main issue here is that some people are lax about what I would call 'thread discipline'. For example, there are threads to boast and others to talk about anal and other activities but people do persist in bringing certain things and behaviors to other areas of the site.

    I have only been here a short while but it has already become clear that there are some posters here who seem determined to turn this into a sex site. I see it as more visual and educational (when sensible questions are asked!) than specifically for NSA sexual activity. I didn't think this was supposed to be a free for all. Yet at times, it seems that way, particularly when I read some of the overly graphic posts about playing with body parts in seeming innocuous threads.

    Of course, there are people here who do want to hook up but I tend to think the Personal Ads area of the site is for men and women who are looking for sexual encounters. I am not saying this should be an educational site but I admit, I am struggling to determine exactly what sort of site it is given the different behaviors that I have observed in the very short time that I have been here.
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 09:34 AM by Runco Runco is offline
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    8060's Avatar
    Very well said, bear. I really think that you've captured the sentiment of a lot of us here. I loved the way this site was when I first showed up. Pecker and Snakey welcome u. Jovy and Rec and many others always posted something intelligent to keep our minds running in the right direction. I do miss that. The disagreements have increased exponentially and I've tried to do my part in calming the waters and letting everyone know that it's okay to disagree, adultlike. I'm only a few years older than you and there's still so much about myself and sex and other people's views on sex that I don't know. That's what I look for when I come here. I hope that we all take your words and remember ourselves and why we joined this place in the first place. I love learning from everyone. It's the best education that a gold membership can buy. I'm looking forward to getting back in class. Thanks for saying what we were all thinking, bear. Peace.
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 11:03 AM by 8060 8060 is offline
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    Mule's Avatar
    Agreed, and I'm sure that a lot of people agree. But, as in life, 80% of everything is crap. Sometimes you gotta wade through the crap to get to life's best 20%.

    Increasing the signal over the noise is the most effective thing any one individual can do here.
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 01:41 PM by Mule Mule is offline
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    Totally and 100 per cent agree with you unabear09, you speak very openly and honest, I love this site because there are some really great people on here for sure! and the threads some are superb and people whom have commented on this blog make up some of them, you know who you are, I hope to make more friends along the way, thanks.
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 01:52 PM by iain_ware iain_ware is offline
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    what a wonderful post! It's about time we realize this IS a support group. I am a married woman, who uses this site for it's information. The' pics and links aren't too bad either. LOL I Enjoy the readings, and understanding of many issues here.

    congrats' on the newfoundation you have discovered.
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 03:24 PM by justcurious2 justcurious2 is offline
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    ZOS23xy's Avatar
    People often come here trying to exchange opinions. The opinions draw friction. And name calling ensues.

    I get it frequently when I point out bad thinking or other people trying to be "one up" over another. The recent example of 1BiGG1 I got caught up in my indignation and did call names.

    Normally I do not. I make commentary on my own experiences and try to see if these can be useful to others.
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 03:59 PM by ZOS23xy ZOS23xy is offline
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    ncguy207's Avatar
    I agree with you totally unabear.
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 06:08 PM by ncguy207 ncguy207 is offline
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    dc9's Avatar
    Woo Hoo, Hip Hip Hooray and Yes!!!!
    Finally a voice of reason.
    I have had it up to here with how big and how small, do I belong on this site?
    This is what this site is ALL About!!!!
    I tip my hat to you Bear for your honesty and in this case it is okay to say,
    your big balls for posting this blog!
    (and oh congrats on over 4,000 posts)
    your buddy,
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 07:09 PM by dc9 dc9 is offline
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    sdbg's Avatar
    Hi Unabear:

    Thanks for taking the time to compose your well-written blog. I always enjoy reading your posts. I'm a pacifist by nature and dislike bitching and fighting. Life's too short. For me, LPSG is all about having a good time sharing our thoughts and opinions, and learning more about ourselves in the process. Even if we have a differing opinion, we can disagree politely with respect for others.


    San Diego Boxer Guy
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 11:56 PM by sdbg sdbg is offline
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    Gillette's Avatar
    Thank you, Unabear.
    Posted 07-15-2008 at 09:38 AM by Gillette Gillette is offline

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