9 Month Update

Routine mornings
3 sets for 5 minutes
Typically using the Xtreme 9 however, I do use the Hydromax 7 at least 2x per week.

Hard ruler non bone press measurement of 7.25. My semi is about a 1/4 inch longer that where I started back in 2017 and this is all thanks to strictly using bathmate products over the years.

Right now I am pumping at about 75-80% erect as well. Keeping it at about 90% of full compression as well which is not bad imo.
Overall, I’m really happy with the progress made so far this year. Also, I’ve been noticing that you really have to take full advantage of those morning erections for an overall pretty good effective pump. By the time I take a shower and massage it back up I’m topically full chub at about 75% or so and that’s the sweet spot for the gains. Cold showers does wonders as well!


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