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A day for firsts

I downloaded grindr not that long ago because I was curious. I've never had any of my firsts and I kind of wanted to go slow. This older guy hit me up and we talked for a bit, I wasn't really sure what to expect. After a bit of talking it seemed like he was losing interest so I suggested talking a walk. I was pretty nervous but I told him it was just supposed to be a walk so I figured if anything I could just leave since he shouldn't have had aby expectations other then talking with each other. It was just a walk at first and then he asked if I wanted to kiss him, I guess I was staring at his lips when he got there. He leaned and started kissing me, making out with me really. It was my first time so I was kind of caught off guard but he seemed to enjoy it. We kissed and then kept walking and kissed a few more times. We sat down at some point and talked and talked before he had to go. I don't know what came over me but as I walked him back I asked to see his cock. We made out again and there was a lot more touching. I slipped my hand into his pants and he did the same. He made a comment about how wet I was. Just as I was about to undo his belt we saw someone coming down the trail. I pretty much groaned like a zombie and he led me to a spot off the trail just barely hidden. He undid his belt and took his cock out and I fell to my knees and started sucking. Which is very out of character for me but he just excited me. It was only for a minute because there was people around so be didn't get to finish. I've been pretty horny since then. I miss the feeling of his cock in my mouth. When I got home my grindr account was banned but we talk on snapchat. I don't know if I'm ready to meet again, I like talking to him but I'm also nervous since we barely know each other and I'm not prone to trusting so easily. He's cute and he's okay with letting me take my time, he flirts a lot and wants to see me more. I'm stuck between wanting to suck him off and wanting to ghost him. Anyways I just wanted to tell someone so. [If he sees this and knows it's about him I'd like to just say that I enjoyed having your cock in my mouth ;) ]
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Sounds hot...

Grindr where I'm from is a totally different game, no one is interested in just talking. All they want is to meet and fuck/suck/stroke.
The one time I used Grindr I was super nervous too. Never tried just looking for sex, usually that just happens if I find someone who is interested but Grindr opened a door to spontaneity for me.
So I made a blank profile and was immediately asked to meet people and pics of hot cocks came through my feed while me and my friend were looking and wanted to create a genuine profile for me. Even whipped out my own cock pics and did some editing to try and slip it past as the main profile pic but that didn't work ;)
After a while, my friend and I went to our local gay area to boost my confidence and to see how quickly Grindr would ping. The minute I opened the app I had this cute guy just send me a pic of his chest and details as to where he was.
All he wanted was someone to watch him wank and cum. Told my friend about it and she encouraged me to just go in and do it. Something new and unique.
Well, the guy was in the toilets with the stall open and was already whacking off. I went in, stroked my hand around his chest and pushed behind him. Grabbed his warm dick out of his hand and stroked his prick while peering over his shoulder.
Not going to lie I was about to cum in my pants from just this encounter because it has been so long since I tried anything like this. So as I stroked and twisted my wrist rhythmically he started groaning and blasted a long shot of cum. It was so unexpected as he was quiet at first then suddenly the sound of his orgasm had me breathing down his ear and rubbing my crotch on his arse.
His cum was sticky and hot which encouraged me to whip my dick out and started going at it while he watched and I ended up spraying my thick cum onto his stomach and cock.

He thanked me and we kissed lightly as we cleaned each other down. He brought fucking wet wipes so this wasn't new to him :laughing:
Promised to message me for more fun but when I came out after catching my breath from the excitement, he had deleted his Grindr and I haven't seen his profile since!
I still go on Grindr when I'm out with friends but never had an encounter like that.

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