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Airtight - last part with my FKK-friends

I made a mess with the titles of the parts of this blog - sorry about that - so to be clear: readers should start with my older blogs first and end with this part as the final part of my "after-party" with the boys I met at the FKK beach...

Louis laid on his back next to me when the other two joined in. Marc went with his head between my legs to have another taste of my pussy and Tom wanted the same treatment as his colleague Louis: a good BJ. While I sucked his friend I felt Marc changing rapidly position to get on top of me. Once I felt his dick sliding in I wrapped my legs around his waist. I remembered how the girl in the swing club used her hands to hold the two remaining dicks and so did I: playing one hand on Louis to get his soft cock hard again and guiding Toms cock into my mouth. Suddenly Louis got out of bed and disappeared but I did not pay further attention and kept on being “busy” with Marc and Tom. Primitive sounds filled the room, me screaming and the boys also making sounds of lust. I changed to my favorite doggy position now for Tom to take me from behind with the third cock this morning and me sucking Marc now.

While enjoying Tom’s long dick pounding me I looked around from under my long hair wildly over my face and noticed Louis filming with his phone! I wanted to stop to make him stop filming but was too much into the sex and I only said something like “not my face!” and continued. When we rolled to new positions I saw Louis directing his cam right between my legs for a close up of Tom’s dick going in and out my pussy and then on my mouth sucking Marc’s cock- "your face is not in, don’t worry” I heard Louis saying to reassure me my privacy… I have to admit the filming aroused me extra, made me feel like a “would-be porn star” and that made me go wild and crazy. The boys got turned on even more because of my uncontrolled behavior and took profit of me having no more boundaries at all. I sucked all three several times as deep in my throat as I could while other dicks used me from side, behind or me on top. The “me-on-top moment” brought me to the next climax! I was fucking Tom’s big dick while I sat on him and Marc and Louis, still with his phone in his hand, left and right from me to let me handle with hands and mouth their sexy cocks. At a certain moment Tom pulled me towards him to suck my tits and let Marc come from behind. They already touched and fingered my ass several times and now Marc wanted to fill me there with his cock. I am not very experienced with anal but I know when I am very aroused and they make me “very slippery and finger-prepared there” I am up for the challenge. That morning I was completely overwhelmed by Tom, Marc and Louis that I let them take me in any hole they wanted to use to fill me with their shaft. I got for the first time acquainted with the meaning of “airtight”. A cock in my pussy, mouth and now Marc in my ass! I had no idea about how to respond, I just let it happen and was amazed i could feel two cocks near one other in my lower body! Marc asked me more than one time if I felt alright and after carefully bringing in a little part, every time I said yes he moved his cock more inside my ass. Tom continued moving in and out my pussy slowly and Louis was happy I still could hold his dick in my hand and sporadically suck him while he was filming. Once Marc got deeper in my ass the two men started fucking me in both holes simultaneously.
I did not move much and let them go on to feel the real experience of two cocks pushing me to my limits. That was a lot of sex! I got exhausted and needed a break. I got out of bed, could barely stand straight and stumbled into the living room to get a drink.

Realizing I had sex with three men same time gave me some mixed feelings - one side I had to admit myself I enjoyed a lot and same time I felt like a slut, someone that was giving herself very easily to those men. Guess it’s just a way to look at it: they also gave them easily to me! When I will tell my boyfriend what happened (or tell him a part of what happened -still need to figure out) I will also get benefits from that coz our sex life will fly again, better than before coz I know it will excite him!

I watched my phone to know the time and knew it was about the moment to leave but realizing this kind of experience will not happen again in the near future I wasn’t eager to get dressed… I asked Louis to see what he filmed, just to be sure and he was right, no face or at least not recognizable but some parts of the video were hot to watch! He saw I liked it and started to film me again. I put sunglasses on and played along with him and made sexy moves - touching my tits and nipples, fingering my clit, showing of my smooth silky pussy for his cam… Result was I wanted to get fucked again and with the three stallions present it was not difficult to find someone willing to please me once more. Marc was the first to take me from behind while I was standing near the sofa. For Louis it seemed more important to create footage and film his mates and me fucking than having sex himself. Tom was watching us and his right hand was stimulating his cock to get him hard for me. Marc was pulling my hips every time he slide his cock in while I hold my hands on the back of the sofa. Lucky I had my heels to get my ass high enough for the taller men. Tom stepped up the sofa in front of me to seduce me with his big one for a last exciting BJ. They remembered from last night how to shower me with their last juice. Now Marc on my back and Tom in my mouth. Louis suddenly replaced Marc and found his way in me. He had a long rest and apparently very aroused by what he saw trough the eye of his cam. I lowered myself on my hands and knees and stayed in doggy position because that is the way I love to remember the finish of that last fuck before going back to my boyfriend. Somehow Marc managed to slide under me so he could help stimulating my clit with his tongue and mouth. He was on his back under me leaving his cock right in front of my face. One more oral play with his half soft dick to end the morning… Louis’ rhythm went faster and made me expect his last load. “Wet my back!” I asked him and suddenly I felt sticky drops running over my body. I let go Marc, got up and went one more time to the bathroom to get a quick shower. This time they did not follow me and after 10 minutes I was ready to go. I followed the rules of not sharing my phone or other details but I was naughty and stole a business card of their company, just in case….


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