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Bi guys BIGGER than straights or gays?

  1. Jamesishuge
    I've been noticing that so many of the guys with huge cocks are bi-sexual. Any body else notice this? This one friend I know has had a gorgeous girlfriend for a few years.....but in the lockers he always swung his massive soft cock for all of us to stare time he got drunk at a party with only guys and whipped it out of his shorts for us to see.

    Finally, I asked him and he said he was bi! The biggest guys I've seen are bi...anyone else?
    Jamesishuge Jun 19, 2013
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  2. MilkDaddy
    I think its more to the point that bisexuality is more common that most men admit.
    MilkDaddy Jun 20, 2013
  3. lonerancher
    Men don't admit to bisexuality because lots of women will not touch a bi guy at all.
    lonerancher Sep 30, 2013
  4. dick suckar
    Using maself as example...
    I'm a black with something massive down between ma legs and i bi too
    dick suckar Apr 6, 2016
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  5. stlhungboi
    bi and massive here
    stlhungboi Sep 22, 2018
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