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  1. Joleph
    Group Owner
    Hi all!

    Great to have you as part of this group.

    I started this group because I noticed that this forum has a few people are huge fans of penis sleeves. I think this is a huge opportunity to create something really cool.

    Despite all the advances in modern technology in sex toys, at the moment all penis extensions are lacking in a number of departments. They are often too small or too large, too floppy or too hard and uncomfortable for women - Unless you want to shell out hundreds of dollars for an RxSleeve, which is obviously not possible for most people.

    Further, they are almost universally awfully marketed, with tacky photos and box copy making them unappealing for men and women. We feel, frankly, like they are marginalised. This is because most people are uncomfortable talking about them and as a result the sex toy manufacturers do not think there is a market for it. This cannot be allowed to continue! If luxury brands like LELO and We-Vibe are flourishing in the market, why is there no option for a high quality, thoroughly user-tested penis sleeve?

    We need to show the toy manufacturers that there is a huge market for these sorts of toys and, as a result, bring lower cost, high quality penis sleeves to the wider market.

    I've invited you because I think you share this viewpoint. If we work together, simply by discussing and posting in key places, we can get toy manufacturers to create the ideal toys that women and men love to use.

    So, to get the ball rolling please introduce yourselves and say what sleeves you have :)

    My sleeves are:
    • Vixen Colossus
    • Perfect Fit Fatboy Thin
    • Cyberskin extra 3 inches
    • Tommy Gunn
    • Lovehoney 3 extra inches

    If you know anyone who should be a part of this group, PM me with the username or write it in here.
    Joleph Jan 6, 2017
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  2. conntom
    Love the group.

    The penis sleeve has been often a frustrating but at some times such an incredible addition to love making in my life.

    Done well, it is an incredible experience for both partners.

    But I agree, options of good penis sleeve's are limited and I wish I could go to town in the lab of a toy maker and work with them to get it right. Sales would go through the roof if it were all done right.

    I have tried many with my lovers. I currently have:

    Tommy Gunn
    Fat Jack

    I have had multiple others and they have all failed to be enjoyable and/or have failed (broken) with very little use.

    Also, I am not small down below but still the penis sleeve is a fun addition to the bedroom so this isn't just an option for the avergae or below average endowed.

    And the women.......they think they can't but that can.... They may not want to admit they want, but they do. It's a fun change of pace and should be an option in every bedroom in America.......no, the world!

    I've gotten quite adept with the three I have. I can control them fairly well, help may partner adjust and relax to enjoy them (those are all really big ones I have), I am good at getting them on fairly quickly and effectively (this is important) and I can cum while suing it too.

    I look forward to the discussions here.
    conntom Jan 7, 2017
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  3. Exbiker
    Hello. Great idea for a group. :)

    I hope it's OK to be here as a gay man - although I did fuck women a little in the past, I'm strictly for the men now.

    My main one at the moment is a rigid plastic one, but I have had a cyber skin and a couple of other big latex ones from gay sex shops in the past. The ones with a loop that supposedly goes around your balls, but often is a point of weakness, so that in the end it snaps.

    I don't use them all the time, probably less than 5% of the time I fuck a guy's arse ( ass! ) but I very much enjoy it when I do use it. Although it needs some extra care.

    I'm a dominant guy, basically 80% "top", or so. So, it also feeds in to ideas about dominance, being in control, being powerful, etc. A lot of that, I know, is fantasy, but having a "big dick" swinging in front of me certainly plays into that. I once was walking into a bedroom, guy on bed, when he caught sight of me with a thick ten inch erection, apparently ready to go. I will never, ever forget the look in his eyes, and the way he broke into a smile, for as long as I live ...
    Exbiker Feb 4, 2017
  4. BBB2.5
    Thank you for including me in this group... as a Gay man, that suffers from Ed. I find the sleeves difficult staying on. It would be great if manufacturers could develop something for guys in my situation. It needs to be comfortable to wear. It's not easy keeping sleeves on when you have trouble getting an erection. We have tried a few and they just kind of flop around, slip off... makes for a tragic ending. Strap on are to much work ...a penis sleeve for guys with Ed would be awesome, we could just slip it on and be ready to fuck for hours.
    BBB2.5 Feb 4, 2017
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  5. heathrow_cpl_lkg
    My husband bought one a couple of years ago due to my big cock needs, he knew he wasn't satisfying me. I thought it was great and I could finally have pleasure from him fucking me. His are rigid and seem to suction to his little cock so it doesn't fall off. I don't know the names but I posted a couple of pics with them in the group photos section.
    heathrow_cpl_lkg Feb 21, 2017
  6. wezenjuus
    hey all - thanks for the invite - we got into the extensions as a mean to have different sizes to enact a gangbang fantasy without having to actually deal with 3rd, 4th or 5th person......... so every few weeks or so I'll mention some "friends" are joining us :)
    also we use an electric heating pad to pre-warm them.
    in current rotation:
    Oxballs dude - a fav - I don't feel much, but she does
    Tommy Gun - for more girth - after dude warms her up
    Oxballs Muscle - about the same girth as TG - longer
    Labrawn (EXACTLY the same as Fat Jack only black) for more girth after TG warms her up
    Fat Jack - same as above - full length, only if we both have the stamina for more
    Fat Boy Slim - sometimes first, sometimes over one of the above
    Fatboy - not out often, only a few times has she handled Fat Jack with Fatboy over it = 9 x 9 log

    for most vigorous pounding - either oxballs will do the ball strap is just right

    on the amazon wishlist:
    - Vixen Colossus - maybe sooner or later
    Fantasy X-Tensions Mega - looks like a veiny TG

    garbage: tried @ least once b4 tossing
    Adonis - our first one - just never worked out like the others
    size matters clearly ample - 2nd for us - nice shape, too small inside and too hard
    several others - I don't recall the names, more like thick condoms with 2-3: extensions - junk

    Weze N (the) Juice
    wezenjuus Mar 6, 2017
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  7. Jonny six
    Hi all
    We are relatively new to the world of sleeves
    We have had a few though , we started with the cyber skin ones but they tend to tear quite quickly so tried the tommy gunn ,fab bit of kit but can't use on a regular basis as it stretches her too much and makes her sore after a while so I now have a new one by fantasyx which is for regular use !
    We've also tried a few of the firmer ones but she doesn't like the feel
    Jonny six Mar 7, 2017
  8. wantobe9
    Hi all,
    I’m new to the group. Several years back I become obsessed with having a larger penis . I’m 6.5x5x5 but wasn’t satisfied with being average or slightly above .never had any complaints . It’s as you all probably agree as much as a personal affinity rather then your partners . I started trying sleeves with my wife. At first she felt weird but soon took to them . I think when I became almost obsessed she slowly turned away . She feared that she would get to use to them and not want the real thing or be permanent lay stretched out . So I continued on my own . I would just wear them or masterbate with them . I tried with my wife all the usual . Fat jack . Perfect penis extension, lebrawn . Tommy gun oxballs , cyberskin etc . I wasn’t satisfied with any of them . Most were too floppy or slipped off. The harder ones seldom fit . The didn’t look real or feel good . So I began making my own by getting large sized Dildos and boring them out . I started with the main attraction 10” jelly which my wife loved at first . I also made one from the king dong which you can see both in my profile of videos . The king dong wasn’t too huge but fit like a glove and I would wear it out often it wouldn’t slide off even if I became flaccid . I made more and more which you can see on my profile . The , hunter thunderstruck 11” has the same material as the fat jack and tommy gun but doesn’t slip. I forget my cock is in there and I start believing it’s me . That was the last Dildo and favorite that I used with my wife . I came so quickly because I was more turned on then her . She ultimately ended the sleeves because she had a hysterectomy and after she healed was afraid to use toys again . So I’m totally solo . I made one from John Holmes and would put it on a go swimming with it on early in the morning. I would get stares sometimes as I left the water by passerby’s who would get a glimpse at the outline under my suit . And I loved it Too bad I discover the 11” king cock by pipe dreams after my wife quit because I am in love with it . I use it almost every day. It looks and feels so real . All it really could do to improve it is if had movable skin . I use a condom or clear balloon over it sometimes and it makes it feel awesome . My next purchase may be the 9” uncut king cock with retractable foreskin . I wish they made a bigger one. I’m so glad this group is hear . I need to share . If I can’t experience using them with real people atleast I can share my love for them
    wantobe9 Mar 3, 2019
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  9. Joleph
    Group Owner
    Welcome! Great story and videos! and it’s so interesting that you made your own. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with that!
    Joleph Mar 6, 2019
  10. flambago9
    I introduced myself in a previous new thread this morning...

    Our favorite right now is the Fantasy X-Tensions Mega +3". I have stretched it to +4" with a heat gun and use a plastic ball and several pieces of spare rubber for spacers inside. It makes me 10" long and wife goes nuts for it. We did work up to +3" using the thinner "Perfect" first, then went to the "Mega" version. After she was used to the full 9" and started asking for more in the heat of passion, I stretched it and have found bliss for us both. She loves it when I'm balls deep AND pushing gently on the back of her pussy at the same time. Tommy Gunn used to be our favorite (went through 3 of those!) and then I customized the soft Shane Diesel sleeve to fit me (opened it up inside with a piece of hot metal tubing). The Diesel was our fav for a long time...she LOVES that great big head and it's so soft and REAL feeling! Unfortunately, it's very soft and they don't last long. Also, she needed more length than Shane could provide :) We went through several of those and now the Fantasy X-Tensions stuff is getting the job done nicely. It's just a little firmer rubber than the Tommy Gunn and Diesel. I used to use a heating pad to warm them up, but the pad actually damaged a few of them. I started filling my bathroom sink with HOT water before sex and I get several of them (in case a gang bang is needed) soaking and warming up. It works great and make them "hot" but not too hot. She loves the feeling of the big HOT cock pushing inside her. Helps with the illusion of it being a real cock she says.

    I'm still trying to figure out pics here in Groups. I don't get an "Upload file" button when I click the "Insert" icon above. Would be happy to share pics of all our best toys if I can figure out how!
    flambago9 Dec 23, 2019
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  11. wantobe9

    this i made out of the 11” king cock by pipedreams
    wantobe9 Jan 8, 2020
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  12. Groskyd
    How did you bore them out? Sounds like something I want to try. Thanks.
    Groskyd Jan 14, 2020
  13. wantobe9
    I use a plumber’s torch and heat up a 1 1/4 inch pipe insert it as well as 1 1/4 inch paddle bit on a drill and bore it out. I use a long snub nose pliers and a knife to remove the loose insides until i have the depth I need. I’m 6” long and 1.5 girth. I make the hole 6 inches long but the diameter smaller then me so it fits snug
    wantobe9 Jan 15, 2020
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  14. Groskyd
    Innovative, I like it. Gonna try it, thx
    Groskyd Jan 15, 2020
  15. I really enjoy my Oxballs Muscle.
    Jan 26, 2020
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