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Sleeve Review: BlissfulCreations

  1. flambago9
    (I'll post a photo to the photos section of this group)

    REVIEW: New Toy Alert! Custom silicone cock sleeve toys really deliver!

    My wife and I have been into cock sleeve toys for more than 10 years now. Wearing something to give me even more girth or length (or BOTH!) is fantastic for both of us.

    We have a few favorites we've found to be "just right" for us over the years but have had to deal with issues surrounding fit and durability on the standard sleeve offerings. We've always shied away from "PVC" toys as they are way too hard and unrealistic in feel. So, we've been using TPR or TPE sleeves exclusively for years now; very soft and realistic feeling. The trouble is the rubber material of this type is very unstable and reacts in a bad way to other toys if stored in a confined space for very long. Basically, they MELT and turn to goo if not properly taken care of.

    As the purchaser and care taker of our toys, imagine my glee when I discovered Blissful Creations on Etsy. Their toys are made from medical grade silicone. They use a special additive that makes the silicone "silky" in texture, not shiny/glossy. The silky texture feels very real and works great with lube. The silicone material means it doesn't react with other materials and is durable enough to last for many years of vigorous fucking while having the "give" needed for her tender nooks and crannies.

    Those other sleeve toys are always a compromise when fitting the family penis...they can be too big or small inside and are basically worthless from the get-go if they don't fit properly. The length is always an issue too...too much, not enough, ugh. Never fear, Blissful Creations has this figured out! As each toy is made to order, they offer different depths and girths for the inside of your new toy. The advice on the website regarding choosing the proper inside diameter is right on the money. Put your ego away when ordering...it needs to fit right or you won't be fucking with it! In my opinion, it's better to have a little bit of extra space inside the tip than to be crammed clear inside the end of the sleeve.

    Soak the toy in a bathroom sink full of warm water during foreplay to get it up to temperature (nobody likes a cold dick!). Personally, I recommend liberally lubing your cock, put some lube inside the toy, squeeze the air out of the toy and push yourself into it. It will make a rude fart noise as you install it, no way around it. The sleeve should move on you a little bit but not come off. The suction holds it on fine if fitted correctly. The hope is that it will feel good enough for you to actually cum with it on, while maybe slowing down the charge to finish a little bit.

    The variety of sizes offered by these folks is amazing...everything from only slightly thicker to a little longer to absolute MONSTERS and everything in between. Everyone is different and the amount of girth stretch and depth desired varies of course. There is something for everybody here.

    Pictured separately (why can't we add pics to posts in groups?)

    The Barney: "Low girth" means it isn't going to add a lot of width to your shaft. It made me 2" longer. Since wife's space is already experienced in the ways of size, this one was a good warm up. If you're just starting out and she's never had BIG before, this is a great candidate to start with.

    Mr. Slim: Still considered a "low girth" toy, it is a bit thicker than Barney. However, it is a full 10" insertable. This one won the show for us. I worked every inch into her clear to my nuts and she came unglued on it. DING DING! We have a winner! The girth is still reasonable but you have a full ten inches out front to tickle her tonsils and find her stops.

    The Long Stroker: Very big...I thought this would be perfect for her and is a terrific looking toy. Feels great on me too, but it turns out the head is just too big for her to take to full depth like she likes. She couldn't quite take it all.

    The Woodland God: OMG, it's a monster! She was able to take the giant head and about another inch before she called for a retreat. She said she'd try it again sometime...maybe a few more drinks in her first ;)

    The awesome material, the customizable fit, wide selection, fast, discreet order fulfillment and quick delivery make this place a pleasure to deal with.

    Give 'em a look!

    Blissful Creations on Etsy

    flambago9 May 6, 2020
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  2. Joleph
    Group Owner
    Great review! I’ve found my partner likes the low girth toys too. She’s always been very intimidated by the huge ones. So maybe the Barney or Mr Slim are the right ones for me.
    Joleph May 9, 2020
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  3. cockydude2018
    I think personal reviews are great. I wish product advertisements were banned from the site
    cockydude2018 May 9, 2020
  4. jayjay0026
    I agree . This is the first website I am on, but I get so much advertisements
    jayjay0026 Jun 4, 2020
  5. flambago9
    Wait until she has a couple of kids... I betcha She'll be into those fat girthy toys! :)
    flambago9 Jun 5, 2020
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