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Tenga Pocket

  1. SkiCop
    Has anyone tried the Tenga Pocket? i'm just wondering what it is like. Seems like a handy little thing to carry about with you :)
    SkiCop Nov 17, 2019
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  2. Jackerbudchgo
    i've tried the eggs and the flip, but not the pocket. i'd say based on the others, you can't go wrong.
    Jackerbudchgo Nov 18, 2019
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  3. badnews
    Tried the egg and it's ok but wasn't really any better than my hand.
    badnews Dec 11, 2019
  4. badnews
    Tried the egg and it was ok, but not really much better than just my hand.
    badnews Dec 11, 2019
  5. forevertwink
    Use some of their products, overall are ok, but if you're a bit bigger than average might be a problem as I found them myself. Also most of their products are one time use, which in my case I found them expensive for a one time fun.
    forevertwink Dec 20, 2019
  6. jayjay0026
    Lol .. you better get over here and find out
    jayjay0026 Jun 4, 2020
  7. jayjay0026
    Hi handsome
    jayjay0026 Jun 4, 2020
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