Active or Vet Navy, Marine, or Coast Guard
Group Owner

Active or Vet Navy, Marine, or Coast Guard

A group for Active Duty or Veteran Navy, Marine, Coast
Guard Guys (any country's navy and marines), enlisted
or officers, straight, gay, or Bi, who have enjoyable tales
to tell about when they were serving on LAND or at SEA
or in the AIR.
They can be stories or "tall" tales about anything, be
they funny, or of course, about sex, cocks and balls,
or pussies and tits (which is the main subject here at
lpsg.) :;)

Come on...tell us about your military life, your sexual
experiences, and what is memorable about being in
the Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard...and...if you are now
a veteran...what do you miss about being in the navy,
marines, or Coast Guard..,,.....and why?
Would you join again, if you had the chance?

Please Introduce Yourself when you join. Thank you

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