All Male Strategies


In this group members discuss and tell of many different strategies they know and are willing to share with others. Some of the examples are: How to improve cock size, Techniques on how to control yourself when masturbating, Techniques on how make more precum and cum, and much more!

This group is also GREAT to join if you like to socialize and meet new people. Share your own personal experiences (don't be afraid to experiment) with the techniques that will be and are shared within this group and also tell how it helped you and or how it didn't.

Personal Message:
I am looking forward to seeing all the people that will become a member of this group. I am also very excited to see what all you guys come up with and all your stories. Let's get down to business! Please do not hesitate to post! Photos of your own and replies to all threads are welcome!
Updated: May.05.2012 6:00 PM

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