Big male feet

Feet are funny things. To some, they're sexy, to others, revolting. For me mens feet are extremely attractive. The bigger and hairier they are, the more I find them irresistible. Conversely, women feet make me feel sick... go figure?

I always thought I had something wrong with me, so I decided to see if I could find an explanation to my instinctual attraction to big hairy feet. What do you know, there is a reason. In the brain (pups too apparently) the bit that's to do with the genitals is bang next door to the bit that's to do with feet. Due to a bit of neural cross wiring, looking at feet triggers the same response as looking at cock. What's more, it's a very common fetish for men and women, straight or gay!

So here's something for all you big footed straight men to think about, next time your mates ask you how big your feet are or even want to compare, a big part of their brain is thinking how big your junk is. Is this the origin on the myth, men with big feet have big cocks?

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