!  #Gay Naked Selfies
Group Owner

! #Gay Naked Selfies

#GayNakedSelfies - where no shy guys need apply! Let out your exhibitionist side -- naked selfie, mirror nudes and cock WITH face pics only! (Do not post anyone else's, just your own). Full body + Face photos - total exposure! The group is private and exclusive to help protect the privacy of our members so you can post freely. Quality over quantity. No more boring close-up dick shots - full frontal is the only way to go. Please, Do NOT request club membership if you are unwilling to participate...full face frontal selfies only!
Membership approval requests require a naked selfie sent to group owner which will be posted in the private "Group Photos" album. We will NOT approve requests until this photo is received. We are receiving hundreds of requests per week but prefer quality, participating members vs lurkers who don't contribute.

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