RLG's 'Some' Boys Allowed
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RLG's 'Some' Boys Allowed

RLG's Man-errarium - Habitat for Pet Boys

door policy

1. must have at least 3 months of LPSG-time under ya belt. we need to make sure ya not some peen-flinging weirdo. or a crazy bitch :smile:

2. ya got to have a post count of at least 300.
menfolk - ya are here to entertain us :wink: womangs, we got to keep our boys from getting lazy.

2b. posts in Straight Porn and Show Offs don't count.

3. if ya have run afoul of the Estrogen Collective you will not be admitted. *to those crying "no fair" i say... boo-hoo, you shouldn't have been an assbutt.*

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