Single Guys for MF Exhibitionist Couples

IF YOU ARE A GUY (and over 18)... and you identify as either Straight, Bisexual or Gay [or anything in between], This group could be for you if you like to watch other couples (usually) a girl and guy having sex but with the couple's permission and for their pleasure.

You don't even have to be be sexually active or even wanting sexual contact.

You probably need to have a pulse and some ability to communicate with the couples who want you, as a voyeur - someone like you who has a fetish, need, desire, or lust, to watch others fucking. The same skills are necessary for the couples the exhibitionists.

There are a number of exhibitionist couples [MF] or other combinations, who get off being watched by another guy as they fuck each other in plain view of the guys watching.

The closeness of the guy as the couple fucks, is completely up to a mutual agreement of how everyone wants things to happen. This happens when there is mutual consent and negotiation.

Sometimes, this type of activity may involve more than the [MF] couple. Also, It can be anything from just sitting in a chair as the people fucking give them a good view of the action.

Some get togethers involve more than just watching and may from the beginning or over time, develop into mutual sex, with the couple asking the voyeur to do things like feeling the guy's cock as it slides into her pussy, licking their sex organs as they fuck, especially the clitoris of the woman of the couple.

It can develop even further with sexual penetration by the guys either doing a tag-team or in double penetration.

This is where guys can contact couples or where couples can find willing singles to fulfill their fantasy.

Guys leaving messages on here can be just happy to watch with no touching.

Others though might like to explore sex with the MF couple's help.

Full involvement with the MF couple may include sheathing the guy's cock with a condom, guiding him into her, licking his shaft/balls including videotaping their fucking.

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