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    1. John Again
      John Again
      Thanks for the like, buddy! :-)
    2. RyanWatt
      Thanks for the like.
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    3. shipleylad
      Thanks for the like ;)
    4. BillM
      Stud, Happy Birthday!!
    5. mfmexpert1985
      Happy birthday
    6. oolan
      Happy birthday!
    7. Mario_Silva
      Happy Birthday!
    8. Billy Williams
      Billy Williams
      Thanks for the like! True story!
    9. laptoper
      thanks for liking my album man, much appreciated
    10. silvertriumph2
      Didn't you have pics before....?????
      Will you posting again?
      1. brody
        Hi, how nice to hear from you.
        No, I never had any pics. I do post though, but only in the Celebrities Forum, which was the reason why I joined LPSG way back! :)

        Here in Europe we are mystified by what is going on in the US. America, our old ally and leader of the free world, now in the hands of a weird man with yellow hair? With UK-brexit I feel we are now left on our own with only Kansler Merkel to lean on. :)
        Jul 3, 2017
      2. silvertriumph2
        I absolutely believe that we have a mentally unstable man as our president and more and more are also coming to that understanding. There is already a bill being presented to have him removed from many in both Political Parties...before he does something really crazy or gets the world in a WWIII.
        Jul 3, 2017
      3. silvertriumph2
        And.........Some days his hair looks pink, others silver or white, and others yellow. His face always looks orange with white eye sockets...strange, tiny round, puckered mouth. Cartoonists love his looks...LOL
        I hope and pray he will be removed from office
        Congress, or voted out soon. We deserve better!
        Jul 3, 2017
    11. silvertriumph2
      It's been a while....just thought I would say Hello.....
    12. silvertriumph2
      Was cut when 2 days old. Was the fashion then. Until I joined the navy at 18 I had never seen an uncut cock. Most here are uncut with a small part of frenulum left. Glad my father insisted most of my frenulum remain. I'm extremely sensitive and enjoy playing with/using my frenulum to j/o.
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    13. long legs
      long legs
      Yes your correct, clamp placed around penis and all the skin forward of it becomes dry and is removed including most all of the frenulum. I was not done that way, check my pictures. I have many friends who were and I love the look. His cut is beautiful and like you gets me stiff looking at it.
    14. long legs
      long legs
      do you like his circumcision cut line?
      1. brody
        Hi Long Legs,
        I agree with you, Justin has a great body, but the tattoos look awful.
        I have never been with a cut guy, so Justin's cut penis really turns me on.
        I am doing some resarch on circumcision and the RIC Gomco cut, (not that I want it myself, LOL) and apparently it removes the frenulum, or some of it. Do you know anything about that?
        Aug 11, 2016
    15. long legs
      long legs
      I see you liked my posting about Justin. I think he has a hot body, though don"t really care for all the tattoos. His penis is beautiful, really like how his circumcision looks and the full thick brown pubic hair.
    16. brody
      Oh, I did'nt know there was a Hotel Herman Bang in Frederikshaven, although I have visted the town several times. I made a bit of research though, and it turned out that Bang also visited F. several times, and stayed with a friend, when he needed a place with peace and quiet. He never stayed at the hotel though, so I suppose the owner is gay, and thought it was a suitable name for his place. I think I will stay there next time I visit F.
      Sorry about the loss of your book. My own favourite of his novels is "Tina" (translated into English). The best biograhy is written by Harry Jacobsen, but it is not translated. There is another one in English written by Greene-Gantzberg, but I haven't read it myself.
      Herman Bang was very handsome as a young man. When he got older he looked rather worn. I am afraid, he did'nt have en easy life,
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    17. silvertriumph2
      Was told about the Hotel Herman Bang in Frederickshaven and stayed there before
      taking a ferry to Sweden. I bought a book about Bang in a gay bookstore when I
      was in Copenhagen, but it was lost somehow during my trip. Tried, but never was
      able to replace it. From the pics in the book he was quite the handsome man.
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    18. XXLJohn1955
      I want to say, I agree, that Avatar is hot. I would love to see a larger version of it!
    19. brody
      Yeah sure. The avatar shows the famous Danish gay novelist, journalist and actor Herman Bang (1857 -1912).
      HB has become an ikon for the Danish gay movement. Because he was gay he became a victim of smear campaigns, and he travelled around Europe to find shelter. He lived in Berlin for several years, where he had a love affair with the German actor Max Eisfeld.
      During a lecture tour in The United States he was taken ill on a train and died in Ogden, Utah.
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    20. Sly Adey
      Sly Adey
      Just got to say your Avatar is great. is there a story behind it?
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