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    1. hungone84
      Thanks for all the likes and comments!
    2. Stiffone83
      Thank you for the likes and comments :-)
    3. marlins
      thanks for sharing - looking good - cheers, mate.
    4. Petnax
      There's just too much to like in your gallery. You've got "the eye" for photography. Wouldn't be surprised if you're a pro.
      1. orca likes this.
      2. orca
        Coming from you, that it the most massive compliment - thank you so very much!
        PM sent. I always shied away from human subjects during my photography studies, only discovering the joy of it latterly, while trying to make my 50-something bod look sexy here ;)
        Jul 25, 2020
        Petnax likes this.
      3. Petnax
        You have a great bod!
        Jul 25, 2020
        orca likes this.
      4. orca
        *giggles insanely* - oh, thank you! I try, really I do. It gets a little harder now I'm in my 50s, but there are lots of opportunities for outdoors exercise here in wonderful Argyll, so I can't really grumble too much :)
        Jul 25, 2020
        Petnax likes this.
    5. hungbert
      Thank you very much for your likes and for your brilliant comment!
      By the way, it's a great pleasure going through your pictures. So many of them are a great quality!
      1. orca likes this.
    6. casper72
      thank you for so many likes and comment. I always like seeing your 'stuff' as well.
    7. ShiraTheSlut
      thank you for following me :)
    8. Floodwater
      Thanks for all the likes my friend. Looking good yourself
    9. Ronepe
      Nice profile thanks for the likes and comments ;)
    10. Bernd
      Thank you for your sweet message your likes and comments
    11. submarine
      thanks very much for all those likes man, really appreciate it :)
    12. SingleBall
      Thanks for your likes and interest in me!
      1. orca
        Oh, no problem at all! I follow the quality :)
        Jun 26, 2020
        SingleBall likes this.
      2. orca
        And I meant to add: your icon absolutely rocks!
        Jun 26, 2020
        SingleBall likes this.
    13. Kraft
      Thanks so much I am very flattered by all the likes and comments. You rock!
      1. orca likes this.
      2. orca
        You are very kind. Thank you!
        Jun 21, 2020
    14. TopHand
      Thanks for the likes and the comments!
    15. lc281
      Thanks for your likes and comments!
    16. razorwing
      Thank you for the likes and the kind words!
      1. orca
        You are most welcome. Would love to see you add to your gallery sometime!
        Jun 17, 2020
        razorwing likes this.
    17. Unctmx
      Thanks for all the likes and comments bud! Cheers! I appreciate it!
    18. Bernd
      Thank you for your sweet comments
      1. orca
        You are most welcome, you hot guy!
        Jun 10, 2020
    19. twisted
      Thanks for all the likes and comments
    20. Greenhills
      Thanks for all the likes and comments! Great content yourself map
      1. Greenhills
        (: *man
        May 28, 2020
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    Scotland, UK
    Sexual Orientation:
    80% Straight, 20% Gay
    Reading, writing, music, cycling, good food, photography, hillwalking, hanging out on LSPG!
    Languages Spoken:
    Just a regular horny British guy, now 54 years old but reasonably well preserved :) I try to keep in shape with weights and cycling. 5'9" and 140lbs. Happy to have a cut cock, which is just as well because I was 'done' as an infant and so had absolutely no say in the matter. Since folk occasionally ask, I measure up at 7.0" long (bone-pressed) and 5.2" girth-wise. Always shaved.

    Scientist by training, and I worked in that area for many years, although these days I'm a music teacher. Aspiring writer of fantasy and of quality erotica. Addicted to the rampant creativity of the furry fandom since 2013. Rather shy in real life, and I don't do well in crowds, which means I'm generally most contented when I'm out in the beautiful Scottish countryside or in the audience at a classical music concert. However, I LOVE to show off on LPSG and to make new friends here.

    Discovered my gay side round about 2010, and more recently got into butt plugs and dildos (well, I suppose, technically, those butt plugs and dildos started getting into ME). Keen to explore my sexuality further and to keep on breaking down all my self-imposed boundaries - and yes, I'm looking forward to the day when I finally lose my pesky gay virginity and get all those toys replaced with something altogether fleshier. It would have to be the right man on the other end of it, of course! Trust and friendship first, please; break me in gently and I'll be yours forever.

    While I'm fascinated by the all the wonderful variety in the human form, I suppose I mainly tend to prefer the slender builds - twinks and otters, if we're talking men. Moderate muscles on a guy are absolutely fine; the body-builder look just turns me right off. I like to leave looong comments on the photos and videos of guys and galls that excite me, and receiving comments on my own photos from the lovely folk on LPSG always makes my day! Message me! I don't bite (unless you're into that sort of thing).
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