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Sep 26, 2017
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Learning the ropes here at LPSG :) Mar 14, 2019

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May 19, 2019 at 6:52 PM
    1. Sunstar
      Can I buy platinum with PayPal
    2. creek47
      Keep up the great work!
    3. BillM
    4. Ayecam
      Isn‘t it time to show us you‘r true form :P
      1. Shap likes this.
      2. Shap
        I'd argue I have showed you guys my true form these past 3 weeks :)
        Apr 12, 2019
        Ayecam likes this.
    5. lukereynolds
      So happy to have you as new owner of LPSG Shap!
      Already good things are happening. Looking forward to the new server going live and all that it brings.
      Luke xx
      1. StaffnRod, creek47 and Shap like this.
    6. BigBen
      Mr. Shap, if you will indulge me with another suggestion. Please consider installing an automatic filter that deletes a members name from membership...and their profile...but not necessarily their prior posts...automatically after a period of inactivity where they have not logged in to perhaps 18 months or a year or two years at most.
      1. Livingweird and StaffnRod like this.
      2. Baricza
        Good idea
        Apr 2, 2019
    7. BigBen
      I suspect that tens of thousands of past "members" would fall away from the rolls..but the one time and a few time log ins would be gone..and there is no harm in that. And those names, on peoples "friends" and "following" and "being followed by" rolls would also disappear....automatically.
    8. BigBen
      No sense counting anyone who is not here for a reasonable time and does not participate. Just a thought I hope you will consider. Thank you.
      1. StaffnRod likes this.
    9. jnomous
      Hi is there anywhere you can submit ideas? I'd love a feature that would let you just look at all the attachments of a topic, you can do it for a category but not the topics in it, it would be very convenient since some topics have a huge amount of pages!
      1. Shap likes this.
      2. Shap
        Thanks. Love that. You can send ideas to me anyway you want :)
        Mar 27, 2019
        jnomous likes this.
    10. BigBen
      Thank you Mr. Shap....I logged in today to find I have been "awarded" the One Year Anniversary Trophy, the Five Year Anniversary Trophy, the Ten Year Anniversary Trophy, and the Twelve Year Anniversary Trophy......LOL...Thank you...I was not even aware such recognition existed....
      1. Baricza likes this.
    11. BigBen
      continued...well, maybe I was...and as it happens...if nothing less than a hundred days...29 June...wonder of wonders...LOL...I will have reached the Fifteen years milestone on LPSG
    12. BigBen
      continued...and to think a woman I knew told me about this website and suggested I should join and ask my two questions here...I did join, I did ask my two questions...and never got a response from anyone...LOL....and I am still here...wonder of wonders...LOL. Thank you again Mr. Shap.
      1. J327 likes this.
    13. BigBen
      If I may make one more suggestion for your vision of the future current events...NONE. No comments in any thread...about any politician, politics, religion, current event. Most angry and divisive comments on LPSG are within those categories....and they carry over to other threads too...this is not a friendly place because of that
    14. BigBen
      BigBen Economics (politics), nothing but threads about Large Penis...having one, needing one, admiring one, sex with one, etc, etc, etc,...real...fiction...stories...whatever...questions, advice, to meet others, etc...experiences...but NO divisive subjects. There are plenty of websites where folks can argue and piss each other off and troll and such...not here.
      1. Baricza likes this.
    15. BigBen
      ahhhh....not sure you realized it...but your comment..."Learning the ropes here at LPSG" is a phrase with a double entendre meaning here on LPSG...LOL
      1. Shap likes this.
    16. PetiteCurvy1
      Wow, the owner noticed me? *blushing*
      1. J327 and Shap like this.
    17. Dean1931
      Congratulations, good sir!
    18. laptoper
      and looking forward to seeing what you get up to here as the new owner
    19. laptoper
      thanks for the likes man, much appreciated
    20. bigfateightuk
      Awesome purchase Bro!
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