1. Cockwise

    Photos & Videos Tristan Paris

    One of the best power bottoms of the late 90s to early 00s.
  2. Cockwise

    Photos & Videos Jeff Hammond

    A stunning (albeit fairly boring, at least by the standards of 90s gay porn) hunk with a great ass and a big dick.
  3. D

    Vic de Mille BWC 90s porn stud

    I’m starting a page dedicated to my favorite 90s BWC porn god. Vic appeared in about 100 scenes in 90s Euro porn but is virtually unknown. My goal is to fix that. I want this tall, lanky, well hung stallion who fucks like a champ, to get more recognition. A list of his work: www.iafd.com
  4. Whoidbe1234

    Julius Lumsden

    I could swear he was in a porn from the 90s or early 00s... his Instagram is JuliusLumsden .... British guy, gorgeous! Used to work at Old gay bar in Chelsea NYC, Splash! Does anyone recall? Help! Julius Lumsden (@juliuslumsden) • Instagram photos and videos
  5. Q

    Photo Who's this german man? where's this scene from?

    Hello. There was a German male porn actor called Michael Conrad (correct spelling?) but I can't find much of his material. There was a porn scene he appeared in (brief parts of that scene were shown as part of an episode of Sex and Shopping (British series from the late 90s. Some of the...