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8 inch

  1. D

    Photos & Videos 8 Inch Dick Measured

    8 Inch Measured Dick I’m standing in one pic doing proper measurements for the haters and my finger is on the edge of the tape. Included video in case i get accused of ps. If 8 inches is not as common as women believe but y’all 6-7 inchers gotta stop lying to them about your size lol.
  2. 6

    Photos & Videos How Many Brits Can Show 8” Or More?

    How many British guys here with legit big dicks? Show them here!
  3. SizeQueen_Ava

    Hung and a heavy cummer - skype?

    Looking to skype with BIG DICK!.. and heavy cummers!! Lover of girth.. and happy to compare in detail... Girth... Length... Balls... Head... Etc... Inbox me if you would like to ;)