1. ShutterCock

    Guys That Are Straight But Likes Admiring Dick and Balls?

    As the title suggest, I consider myself straight. Ain't attracted to men as a whole at all but damn, I can't help but admire the ways a set of cock and balls goes together on the male physique. Perfectly formed to function as a self relieving, probing , procreation instrument. The way it looks...
  2. Perfectsix

    Women loving small cocks

    There’s a myth that women only like big cocks - well this thread is to show that they can also have a great time with us smaller dudes…
  3. E

    Bulge Fascination

    After an interesting thread on fascination in another forum, I think this can be a good one to talk about a fascination some of us guys may have towards a visible bulge on a mate's pants, underwear, or shorts. What is it that attracts us, what goes through our minds when we see one (being...