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  1. A

    Hey everyone!

    What’s going on! I’m back on the platform after taking a break. Hope all is well for everyone. I’m a gay male located in Canada and love to use LPSG during my free time. Love public fun and outdoor videos .. kinky stuff haha!
  2. Luca323

    Hello There!

    Hello, LPSG Community! I’m a new member, but I am excited about joining all of you to share thoughts and opinions on anything and everything that comes to mind! A little about me: -5’11 (May or may not tell people I’m 6 feet tall lol) -From Northern Europe, live in USA but now back in Europe...
  3. spoolkey

    Are here also women from berlin-germany

    Hello Together, are here also women flying around from Berlin (Germany)? And if, what's the thinking about here? I'm normally equiped (see attached, one normal, one with Viagra). How spontainous you are?
  4. losethehat

    Sam kolder (instagram adventurer)

    I’m genuinely surprised that there isn’t a thread for Sam Kolder (instagram: @sam_kolder) already. He’s breathtakingly sexy and his body is insanely well-sculpted. He’s also an incredible photographer and adventurer (Youtube: kold)